Work in progress: bedspread with 14cm-squares. Taking a bit longer than usual.


Experiments in fabric pots. Yes, pots. That is the word I have chosen.


The view from my sewing machine. Note the little pile of bird seed on the tiles. Yesterday I had three sparrows, two pigeons and an olive thrush. I am happy with these humble visitors. If the sunbirds want to spurn me, it’s no skin off my nose.


and, lastly, some growing things: the clerodendrum had to be relocated because it was getting more shade than I’d realised (like 99%). After two weeks it was close to death. Peter replanted it in a sunnier spot and I have hovered over it every day since, even giving it a side dressing of bonemeal. It seems to have found some inner strength.

clerodendrum   plectranthus   osteospermum   dietes-grandiflora

What’s the equivalent of bonemeal for humans?

18 thoughts on “evidence

  1. Gail

    Love the wonderful view from your sewing room, it would be calling me all the time. No wonder you are inspired to make such beautiful items. xxx

  2. Lynng

    ‘pots’ is a great word for them! I’ve often seen similar pots referred to as ‘soft pots’ which is also a nice description :)_

      1. insearchofitall

        I’d make it if I thought anyone would buy it for what it cost to make it. But things will calm down shortly and I’ll give it a go. I know all about those kinds of bank balances. :(

  3. Patch

    You have a gorgeous view from your dewing machine… mine faces the wall! And is buried!!! I really like the fabric “pots”. The stripey ones work especially well.


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