a walk in the park

If life is like a box of chocolates, I feel like I left my box out in the road and a ten-ton truck drove right over it. I managed to make the effort on Wednesday to spend an hour wandering round Arderne Gardens in Claremont, on my own.  When Alex was little, we often used to go there to feed the ducks and roll around on the grass. She used to call it the Wedding Park, because on Saturday afternoons enormous parties of beautiful brides and grooms and their extended families would disembark from fleets of beribboned limousines for photo time.

This is the first tree you pass on entering the gardens from the main road. Many pixies live in and around it but they are shy, I didn’t see a single one. Or maybe Wednesdays are their shopping days and they were all down the road at Pick n Pay, stocking up on peanut butter and marie biscuits.

fairy tree

I am very ignorant about trees, and as I walked around I jotted down the names of some of them – water pear, blueberry ash, copper beech, Cedar of Lebanon, forest saffron, hoop pine, bunya-bunya, jacaranda, and – my personal favourite – the “Bushman’s poison tree”. I’d like to think I’ll be able to identify them in the future, but it’s unlikely (although you never know when you might need a bit of fresh poison so I’ve made a mental note of exactly where that one is growing).

The littlest pond has all dried up (please please let it rain soon…..) although the elephant ear plants were still managing to grow round the sides. Heart leaves – what’s not to love?

dry 1


23 thoughts on “a walk in the park

  1. insearchofitall

    That is the most amazing looking tree with all those roots. I know the feeling you are speaking of, being run over by a truck. Not good. Walking through that park would help a bit. As for the poison tree, I’d keep my distance. I gave that some serious thought when I was married to my last husband. :) ( Last as in no more) :)

      1. insearchofitall

        I learned my lesson after finally giving in and agreeing to marrying #2. I told him he broke me. No more ever! Married 18 years to #1 and 24 to #2. I call #2 my last because there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell for another. :) I may be slow but not entirely stupid. :)

      2. insearchofitall

        My kids know I tried hard and asked me both times to give up a lost cause. I really wanted to have someone to grow old with but that was not to be. Growing old gracefully on my own..;)

    1. Nice piece of work Post author

      I think it was taking an hour away from everything and everyone around me that was good, but the trees definitely helped. There were also Egyptian geese and some ducks, in one of the bigger ponds that still had some water in it.


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