Made in the Cape

Made in the Cape is an artisan craft market that happens over four days every month in the middle of Cavendish Square, a high-end and bustling shopping mall in Claremont. It is a much sought-after trading venue, so I was delighted when Dale, who initiated the concept five years ago and continues to organise the market, found a spot for me at the June market. And July. And August. That one is coming up on the 3rd…and yes, I’m sewing up a storm…..

This was my first set-up, around the escalator circle in the centre ground floor:

made in cape 2

And last month’s, in the same escalator circle but on a different side.

July 2017

I already knew quite a few of the existing traders, and have since got to know more. They’re a friendly and innovative and hard-working bunch! (Special shout-outs to Theresa, Marie, Dale, Aviv, Francesca, Tina, Geoff, Wanda and Zee). They all make absolutely exquisite items, from jewellery to ceramics to foodie stuffs to textile work and upcycled products, which are all delicious and inspiring. I can’t think of anywhere else in Cape Town where you would find that kind of handmade quality all together under one roof any more – not to mention close to the Seattle coffee bar and plentiful parking :)

I’ve been experimenting with a new product and, after three weeks, a lot of glue and mess, and pins and sewing and cursing and muttering, I finally have a workable prototype. Watch this space.

PS. The first half of 2017 has been rather challenging and debilitating in a number of different ways so far, but I do feel now that I’m slowly getting back to being more creative and focused and calm and, basically, more human. Let’s toast to that, and hope not too many people even noticed (heh)!

14 thoughts on “Made in the Cape

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    Your stall looks fabulous – and so do you! I hope you make loads of sales and that the second half of 2017 is easier than the first. I have missed your posts, although some of that may be my own fault because I have been a bit rubbish about reading the people I follow recently.

  2. katechiconi

    You look glamorous, the stall is perfectly placed and the items on it look wonderful. Should be a howling success! Again… And now, the year is in a new half, your blogging friends have missed you and it’s time to remind us that you’re alive and why we follow you :-)

  3. Gail

    Love your displays Jill, as well as the things you make. So inspiring. Wonderful to think that the things you create are bringing joy to people all over the world. May their delight in your creations flow through the ether to manifest as on-going joy and up-liftment for you.

  4. Rainbow Junkie

    Sorry the first half of the year has been difficult. But from the look of it you have a great stall there and you look so smart and professional. Especially like the jolly cushion and interested to hear about your new product.

  5. tgonzales

    Hi Jill! I love seeing all your beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing. I hope the rest of your year goes swimmingly. :) Love and Hugs, Tamara


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