twins but different

Last year at one of the Kirstenbosch markets, I met Corinne. She was planning a trip to New Zealand to see her family this year, and wanted to have bedspreads specially made for each of her 10-year old twin granddaughters.

A bit of sorting and printing and fabric painting later, here we have vibrant purples and pinks for Erin and gentler greens and greys for Sami (if you look, you can see the squares with their names on).

Corinne line 2100_3139

Corinne line 1

Unfortunately, the New Zealand trip is off because Corinne has been undergoing serious back surgery and has a while to recover, but the girls should get them within the next 12 months.

Corinne’s friend came to my house to collect them on Sunday afternoon and, since she and I have had many conversations by phone and email, I had expected to hear from her quite soon. Sunday, nothing. Monday, nothing. Tuesday – well, by Tuesday I had convinced myself that she loathed the bedspreads but couldn’t bring herself to tell me.  I had visions of removing and replacing certain squares, or even making entirely new ones. Tuesday evening – phone call! The friend had been too busy with his work and other commitments to get them to Corinne until then, and SHE LOVED THEM BOTH, especially that none of the fabrics were “kiddy-ish” or old-fashioned. Ah, the relief!

I never used to get stressed unnecessarily like this (the customer had approved all fabrics and colours via whats app pics before I even touched a pair of scissors), so I’m wondering if it’s an age thing, or an anxiety thing? Or both. Or neither. I’ll try not to spend too long thinking about it…..


14 thoughts on “twins but different

  1. katechiconi

    I reckon it’s an anxiety thing, and you’ve had it clearly demonstrated that you don’t need to be anxious at all! They’re both gorgeous, as anyone could have told you :-)

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I used thinner fabric than the upholstery-type range (which I prefer!) so I also added a layer of tshirt fabric between the top and the backing. From my point of view, this also makes them special! :;

  2. Gail

    They are both so pretty, Jill. You must have had so much fun selecting the fabrics and deciding on the layout. I also get anxious making something specific for a customer. Much prefer it when they purchase an already made item.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Yes, exactly! But so far I’ve had no problems with any of the commissioned ones. Maybe there’s something about patchwork that attracts only incredibly nice people :)

  3. The Snail of Happiness

    It’s probably a ‘just wanting your customer to be happy’ thing… which is important, especially for big pieces of work that are unique and individual. So pleased that she liked them in the end.

  4. insearchofitall

    That anxiety is why I wouldn’t want to do commission work. I would feel it too. I liked that the twins get similar but not exactly the same. Bravo to the parents or grandparents for encouraging individuality . Beautiful quilts both.

  5. The Little Room of Rachell

    Not at all, I’d be exactly the same and I’m steady as a rock. Ha ha. It’s expectation of manners, appreciation and such, then if no feedback you’d start to worry that it’s so bad they’re stumped as to what to say about it. Human worries!


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