desperately seeking…followers

You know how I sometimes make really weird things, or attack a garment with random embellishments? Just because, you know, I can?

reworked jacket    green

Well, all those one-of-a-kind bits of kookiness are now going to be featured on instagram under Nice_piece_of_work. There are currently two garnished jackets on show, but more oddities will follow soon. Prices are in South African Rand (ZAR). Postage costs will have to be discussed privately. I imagine the postage to anywhere outside of my part of the world at the tip of Africa will be prohibitive, so it may only be the South African hippies who I’ll ever hear from. Which is fine – I love you guys, all twelve of you.

PS. I only have 17 followers so far. I realise this is Not Exactly Big Time, so I’m not too proud to ask you to follow me… xxx


22 thoughts on “desperately seeking…followers

  1. katechiconi

    If I did IG, I’d follow you in a flash, but it’s a social media too far for me and my smart phone isn’t terribly smart anyway, so I have no great confidence in its ability to get its tiny brain around IG… But I’d love to see what you’re doing over there – can you link the images back to your blog?

  2. lovelucie1

    I’ve followed you!!!

    This is me on instagram
    Would you like some simple tips on growing your follower numbers?
    I notice that you haven’t added any tags to your posts. This is how people find you and then follow you if they like your posts.
    Click on one of my instagram posts and you’ll see what I mean. Good luck!


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