lino – second instalment

Lesson #2: Rob put in extra practice time during the past week and had these designs ready for printing on Tuesday. I love them both, but especially the first one.

Me? No, no “homework” got done at all. I was thus forced to come up with the simplest of designs I could think of, in order to get any printing done during the evening.

I’m especially pleased with my leaf because I’m going to attach it to a block of wood so I can use it for “stamping” on fabric. The flower is printed in silver, because another student had just used some so it seemed silly to waste the leftovers. Two experiments using fabric paint and an old sheet below, one with the fabric laid on top of the lino and the second done the other way round.


Now I have birds on the brain, that’s going to be my next design.


9 thoughts on “lino – second instalment

  1. katechiconi

    I know you say your design is simple, but I do love it, and think it’s particularly suited to printing on fabric. Something weird happened when I read that last line about having birds on the brain: I had an immediate vision of a linocut design of dancing cranes. Call me tragic if you like, I’ll be forced to agree!

  2. nanacathy2

    Sorry to disagree but I don’t think you are a bird brain at all. I like the little silver flower, something of a Tudor Rose about it. This is fascinating to see how you are both progressing.


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