hitting the shower

Okay, so there’s clearly a problem when the damp in your bathroom wall starts blistering and crumbling the plaster and paint right off. You call in people to find the source of the trouble, and then pay them to fix it.

shower floor

Our old standbys, Andre and Coralee-Ann, came to the rescue. The shower floor had a crack in it plus the sealer round the edges had worn off – basically, every time I showered, I was causing more water to be sucked up into the wall. The solution was to rebuild the shower floor, and scrape down, replaster, re-tile and repaint the walls.

The work was finished yesterday, but not before I had woken up the night before to use the bathroom, didn’t bother to switch the light on, staggered around in the dark on my way back to bed trying to avoid the linen basket and the towel box and other things that had been temporarily moved, misjudged where the bed ended and so threw myself like a sack of butternuts into the narrow space between the bed and the displaced bathroom stuff. I cracked both knees, one arm and my head in the fall. It was a very rude shock to my system, especially at 2.30am. When I realised I hadn’t actually broken anything, I heaved myself up and into the bed proper. I lay there cosily thinking how lucky I was to have gotten away with just some bruises and that now would be a good time to embrace sleep again, when one of the cats lurched in and proceeded to vomit copiously all over the carpet. A metre away from me. Twice.

I guess not every night is bound to be peaceful and restorative…


22 thoughts on “hitting the shower

  1. Gail

    Ouch, Jill, very glad nothing was broken. On the positive side, luckily you were safely off the floor before the cat puke could splash onto you. Your shower looks so bright and happy.

  2. katechiconi

    Look on the bright side. You could have thrown yourself onto the cat, ending up with severe lacerations *and* the puke that would undoubtedly have squirted out of the unfortunate creature. Remind me not to read your posts when I’m trying to eat yoghurt and honey. I got it up my nose with all the laughing…

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Yes it is. The old shower floor was fibreglass, so this new one has been built out of cement (concrete?). It looks even better now that it is finished :) and today I was able to enjoy my first shower in it.

  3. insearchofitall

    I love the colorful tile on the shower floor but I must admit, that’s the tiniest shower I have ever seen. Some nights are not meant for good sleep but that one sounds like the worst kind. Glad to hear you broke nothing more than your pride. Poor cat, why are they up in the middle of the night anyway? I have to have my way lighted all the time now. After Bells Palsy hit, I can’t find up in the dark. I have small lights on everywhere now. That fall could have been cat-astrophic. ;)

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      The cats are often up in the night, and the dog sometimes paces up and down a bit as well. Is this unusual? I have no idea, I’m used to them now! This is a standard size shower here, and fits two people quite comfortably ;)

  4. crazypurplemama

    Ouch and double ouch! Glad you are still in one piece, bruised but not broken ~ the indignity of being woken by the cat vomiting not once, but twice stirs great sympathy, having had my dog do just that a couple of nights ago on my bed and on hubbys foot (which was out of the bed clothes). Hoping you are okay today and managed to catch some z’s too xxx


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