Taking stock in September

Inspired by Rachel, inspired by Pip

Making : two patchwork cushions for an order for Lindi

Cooking : there’s a photocopied recipe for Julie Sahni’s green bean curry on the kitchen counter, but so far no actual shopping has been done with the making of it in mind

julie sahni

Drinking : coffee. without sweetener because I forgot to put any in and I can’t be bothered to leave my desk now and go back to the kitchen

Reading: The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks

Wanting: my unsorted boxes from the house move last year to disappear into thin air

Looking: through the French doors at the sparrows outside on the patio

Wishing: that my unsorted boxes from the house move last year would disappear into thin air

Enjoying: the spring days and the cool nights

Waiting: for Thursday, when Karen and I get on the train for the long trip to Johannesburg and switch off from our normal lives completely

Liking: my slowly improving sense of well-being

Wondering: how long the Guptas will be allowed to run our country, and where all the good guys are


Loving: my garden and how much everything has grown in the last 16 months

Pondering: quantum physics. I read In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat by John Gibson, really slowly, and still can’t understand any of it

Listening: Jim Croce (in the car only)

Considering: whether or not I deserve/can afford to splurge on new cosmetics from Mac

Watching: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (on youtube, in bed, on my phone, late at night)

Hoping: for a lucrative 2017/2018 market season – my bank manager is also hoping for that, on my behalf

Marvelling: at how fat both my cats have become, despite being given the correct amount of Dr Hill’s Science Food at meals

Needing: already have everything I really need

Smelling: being a smoker, not that much!

Wearing: old jeans and an old hoodie of Rob’s with black and white skulls on it

Knowing: that first I have to be content with myself before I can find happiness in a relationship with anyone else

Bookmarking: hair tutorials on putting my hair up

Feeling: optimistic

Dreaming: of independence

Hearing: yes, it’s occurred to me that I should go for a hearing test but, in general, selective hearing makes for a more harmonious home life. A lesson I learned from my ex-husband :)

Anyone else out there taking stock today?

11 thoughts on “Taking stock in September

  1. katechiconi

    I get as far as ‘making’ and then it all seems to slow down. Perhaps I should break that down a bit: stitching, sewing, cooking, baking, designing, writing, photographing. I think it’s a very good idea to sit back sometimes and look at our lives, perhaps not critically, but analytically.

  2. insearchofitall

    You have a wicked sense of humor and I love it. The cartoon could be recycled internationally. What the heck has gone wrong with our leaders and how do we set it right? As for those boxes, It took me 3 years to get mine all unpacked and put somewhere. Sorry, I know that’s not funny. We just keep wishing the box fairies will come in the night and do the job. As for quantum physics, one of my favorite subjects but it depends on who is explaining it. Lynne McTaggart wrote “The Field and I had a hard time slogging through it too. But then I downloaded the audio where I could go back and listen again and somehow, it made more sense. There are many people out there who can explain it in language we understand better but it is FASCINATING! Taking stock, good thing to do. I do it in my daily journal. It’s not always you, you know. Sometimes it really is them. Thanks for the laugh. You are talented that way.

  3. nanacathy2

    We had box fairies visit us, they put them in the attic, problem solved! They actually contain my sons treasures, and even though all 3 now have homes for themselves still their treausres are in the attic! I suppose my 17 for 2017 help me take stock once a month, but the 17 aren’t complelty inclusive. Maybe I will use Stock taking next year instead of 18 for 2018 which seem too many. Have a great break.


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