Changing pace

Kate’s posts about cross-stitch have long tempted me to take up the last cross-stitch project I started and pick up where I left off. Of course, I had to find it first. And in the Bermuda Triangle that is my house, this was no easy task. But find it I did, eventually, and just in time to take on our train trip to Johannesburg last week. Two days en route, two days there, then two days en route home, viewing parts of this amazing country that we don’t often get to see, giraffes and buck and wildebeest, our berths made up for us with fresh cotton sheets and blankets, no televisions or radios, no domestic concerns – what utter bliss. I say “our” because I ventured forth not alone, but with Karen, my friend of over 42 years. She had been appointed Food and Bedwear Manager, and I’m happy to report that she took her responsibilities very seriously.

twins pyjamas


Matching pyjamas and silver slippers (although her feet were cold so she insisted on socks as well)! Ciabatta, crackers, butter, ham, English mustard, salami, gherkins, olives, crisps, nuts, Camembert, cheddar, blue and brie, and of course chocolate. Reading, embroidery, a coupe to ourselves, and the rhythm and pulse of a train – that is my definition of bliss.

Karen 2

Karen on top

Oh right, the cross-stitch…sorry, I got carried away. I started this about 11 years ago. Last week I was here:

cross stitch 3

and now I am here:

cross stitch 2

Not sure when I’ll have a chance to pick it up again in 2017, but at least it got dusted off :)

PS. The “best” part of the train journey? Being told, on booking, that as women older than 55, we were entitled to the Senior Citizens’ discount. This is not a category I had thought of myself as belonging to quite yet, but the shock wore off when they reduced the fare by 25%…

23 thoughts on “Changing pace

  1. katechiconi

    I have to say, that trip sounds like complete bliss! All the main food groups (except you don’t mention alcohol), great scenery and something soothing and creative to do with your hands. You got a good bit done on that piece of embroidery, too, and I do hope you’ll find time to finish it, because it’s really beautiful, love the design and the colours. Thank you for the link, too – I hope to have a big chunk done in time for the next post on 8th October.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      We chose to stay sober :) I will finish the design now, since I got so much enjoyment from getting going again. I forgot how therapeutic it is, especially now that crochet and knitting are pretty much off my action list.

  2. tgonzales

    That’s just about the only nice thing about getting old is the senior discount, no matter how tiny the discount is. Of course I take offense to it too. :) In my mind I’m still 21. Hugs, Tamara

  3. Rainbow Junkie

    What a beautiful cross stitch design, so interesting and unusual. You must finish it and be able to sit and admire it.
    I suppose I should expect it as I have now reached 70 but the thing that bugs me about Senior discounts is that they never ask me to prove that I am entitled! 25% at 55 is very good though.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks! I have just spent over TWO HOURS scouring the interwebs for the name of the designer of the pattern, to no avail. I used to own the book but it got lost in a house move. Pretty sure I’ll be able to track it down at Rondebosch library, but that’s for Future Jill :)

  4. coppicelearner

    I used to do a lot of train journeys and always had some crochet with me – usually lace – which took up little space and once I had the repeating pattern in my head was easy to do. Knitting tended to be bulkier and I had to finish the row before putting it away!


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