So, it’s really spring again already!

I know this because tomorrow is the first market day of the new 2017/2018 season at the Country Craft Market in Somerset West.

country craft market.jpg

The Country Craft Market differs from other markets in and around Cape Town because it is a true CRAFT market, not a flea/food/farmers market. This means that everything has to be hand-made and that the artists/crafters themselves attend the market.

The range of items that a trader wants to sell requires approval from the organisers in advance. This prevents having too many stalls selling very similar things, and also prevents the syndrome of “imported product creep-in”.

I’m looking forward to starting the new season, in my permanent stand (#26) under the oak trees. The weather seems set to be just right, and my fellow traders are all lovely. I’m keen to see what they’ve all been working on over the past winter. Me? Same same, with the pillowcases and the bedspreads, but now also with patchwork cushions. These three are hot off the sewing machine:



17 thoughts on “So, it’s really spring again already!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      It is! Not every Saturday market is a busy day (like today) but “networking” (I hate that word) and showing off my wares generally leads to special commissions. Like today, I’m pleased to say :)

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      There are still some markets around here where you will find handmade items sold by the crafters themselves, but those people are definitely becoming outnumbered by traders who “buy in”. Also, while food and wine and craft beer are all good things, a lot of footfall concentrates on those areas – a lot less on the crafters. The Country Craft Market has kept to its “mission statement” for over 30 years now :)

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      They weren’t – turned out to be a quiet-ish day at the market. Pillow cases sold, and so did an extra-large bedspread ($$$$) plus got orders for other things, so not unhappy in the slightest :)


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