Time to try something slightly different. But still with, you know, patchwork….

Pinterest…oh NO, there goes two hours of my life….but – these, from CluckCluckSew:

cluckcluck cushions

How could I see these and not be inspired? I already had a flat round cushion so decided to make a cover without the side gusset as an experiment. Side A and Side B:

Nice way to use up oddly shaped scraps, and being flat this would work on a stool, I guess. The next round one will have a side like the original design. I emailed the blogger, Allison Harris, to be sure she didn’t mind me linking back to her and using her pic, and she said she was happy for me to do so. Nice lady. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, Allison xxx


19 thoughts on “round

  1. katechiconi

    I’ve always liked the look of this type of cushion. Yours are very, very pretty :-) The best ones I’ve ever seen, though, were made of deconstructed men’s ties, gorgeous colours and patterns.

  2. AJ

    Gorgeous! My grandma had made cushions like these when I was little in a gorgeous teal colour theme. She liked doing it so much she made a quilt where the blocks were these circles too:)

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