For me, one of the best things about selling my wares directly at markets is that you can build up a nice relationship with customers, who sometimes come back more than once and/or tell their friends about you.

I received these photos via WhatsApp from two repeat customers this morning, both of whom collected their goodies yesterday at the Country Craft Market in Somerset West.

The round patchwork cushion joins a few other patchworky things made by me on Martina’s bed, but I think it looks cute on the chair, too. The gold butterflies were a special request, on king-size pillow cases, and I need to print more – Christine says she needs duplicates for when these two are in the wash!

It’s a slow slow Sunday here: the sun is shining and there’s a nice breeze, and I was going to get some sewing and some writing done – but I woke up with a bad headache and a sore throat, so decided to embrace the chance to rest up. I went back to bed with coffee and biscuits and my book (Josephine Tey, just to mix things up a bit!) and am shortly going to pop some ingredients into the slow cooker to make this recipe from a wonderful book sent to me by Kathryn:


Hope you’re all having an excellent Sunday :)

24 thoughts on “customers

  1. Gail

    As always Jill, your fabric selections for the bed cover and cushion are spot on. You are such a star. Hope your day in bed chases away the headache and sore throat. xxx

  2. katechiconi

    I think your Sunday sounds much nicer than mine was… I hope that headache and sore throat are nothing more than your body telling you it’s time for tea, bickies and a book. Get better soon.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Definitely seems to be all it was. Have got some screenprinting and other bits of work done this afternoon, so about to treat myself to another episode of Boardwalk Empire (I know, it’s already really old!) and a bit of embroidery before an early night. Big week ahead…..

  3. nanacathy2

    Get well soon, the best place is bed when you are poorly. The bookworm in me wants to know exactly which Josephine Tey. How lovely that your customers sent you pictures of your works in use.

  4. The Little Room of Rachell

    I hope you feel better now.

    The round question is gorgeous, I really like it everything you’ve made, they look good in-situ. It was nice of them to send you photos.

    The only thing with the recipe is that I would want to brown the chicken and saute the onions before putting them in slow cooker; I just don’t ever want boiled onions.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I agree with you, boiled onions would be too vile for words. The slow cooker seems to take of all that – there is very little liquid (I actually added a cup of chicken stock off my own bat, just in case it was too dry, but I needn’t have) – so nothing was boiled as such. I guess it’s like a pot roast. The chicken was lightly browned and tender as a baby’s bottom (bad analogy but it’s the first one that came to mind – I’m weird, I know) and the onion was melt-in-the-mouth slices of savoury heaven. The beans added a wonderful pop of colour (who wants boring-looking food, right?) and a nice amount of fibre, I think – all food groups in one pot :)

  5. Linne

    Jill, I just love your work; wish my stitching was so nice. I especially like the cushion. It reminds me of the Dresden Plate quilt pattern.

    I haven’t done screen printing since the sixties, when my sons’ Dad and I had a commission to produce wallpaper for a small indie bookstore in Victoria. They were happy with it and we enjoyed doing it so much. I did a bit of printing after that, too, but that same decade. I do have a small set in the storage and one day hope to be able to set up and use it.

    Have you ever thought of screenprinting fabric for stitching clothing? First thing I thought of when I saw those lovely photos.

    I’m glad you took at least the morning off; sometimes we just need a little TLC for ourselves. And glad that you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the recipe, too. It looks scrumptious.


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