WIP: scraphappy doorstop

I’ve been making a couple of round patchwork cushions lately, and I had one circle lying around that didn’t get cushioned up before Xmas. What else could I do with this?

doorstop 4

As it happens, I need a proper doorstop for my bedroom – most of the year it’s impossible to live without the windows being open, but when a breeze comes up, the door slams. And not only do you get a groot skrik but, with three cats wandering lazily around, the last thing I want is an accident. I’ve been using a belt buckled round the doorknob and the nearest handle on the wardrobe – it does the job but I thought a more permanent workaround would be better. Especially if I can link the solution with Kate’s Scraphappy-ness :)

I gathered it up round the edge and filled it with a plastic bag full of beach sand. I glued in a strip of plastic belt for the handle, then handstitched the open bit together. I’m not quite sure what to do about the raw edge yet, I might end up sticking on some crochet flowers. I also stuck on a circle of fake leather underneath, to protect it from picking up dirt from the floor.

Things to consider in future:
My circle is only 44cm in diameter, which has resulted in a very small doorstop. Mine is quite hobbit-sized, and may end up being used as a paperweight. Or given to the nearest hobbit.
The circle can be made up of fabric pieces in different ways (doesn’t have to be cake-slices) or from a single piece of fabric if you don’t like the patchwork look.

I’m sure there are doorstops like this all over pinterest, but after an hour of only finding rectangular ones I cut my losses and did my own thing.

What am I looking forward to today? A drive out to beautiful Tulbagh (in what is known as the Valley of Abundance) to catch up with my dear friend Tina, whom I have known for nearly 40 years, over dinner at the Tulbagh Hotel and a sleepover in her wonderful farm cottage.

Back soon :)


19 thoughts on “WIP: scraphappy doorstop

  1. katechiconi

    It’s substantial and chunky and interesting, so I think you can count it a success visually as well as practically. How about some black wool pompoms around the top?

  2. Linne

    You might try a rock in there, too. If it will support the added weight. Then size won’t matter so much. I love it. My Mum made a dachshund shaped patchwork draft excluder that I loved. Love your progress on that room, too. I’ve been trying to catch up (again), but haven’t left comments yet. Take care, Jill.
    hugs, Linne

  3. tgonzales

    I love your doorstop. You are so clever. I hope you have a wonderful stay with your friend. Friends of 40 years are very much appreciated. :) Love and Hugs, Tamara

  4. magpiesue

    What a great way to put that leftover circle to use! I don’t think that would ever have occurred to me. Well done!


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