and yet more changes #4

The second-last room that needs tackling is Bathroom #3. It has one of those awful jacuzzi-type baths and a few shelves, so those always got used just for storage. Not only did the spurty bits in the bath that are for “massage” never work anyway (previous owner had informed us of this), but no-one baths in the Western Cape any longer. Baths are for drought-free areas. I limit my shower time to 60 seconds these days, and even then I feel guilty about using the water.

next challenge

I think I can safely say this will be a relatively straightforward job. It will be undertaken this morning, after I’ve nipped out for groceries and before I meet a friend for lunch to wish her a belated happy birthday. Have energy = get lots done! Long may it last!

Oh, also – in my recent unearthings, I found this:

cross stitch…a cross-stitch kit that my ex-mother-in-law bought for me on a visit to Australia over twenty years ago. Looks like I even managed two-thirds of it. I think it’s rather pretty, and perhaps it won’t take long to complete. Famous last words….

12 thoughts on “and yet more changes #4

  1. katechiconi

    Sturt’s Desert Peas are the most amazing flowers, they don’l look quite real even in nature. But they do make a very pretty design! What a sensible use of bath space you’re not using. Like you, I don’t take baths, and I can’t really remember the last time I had one. I do miss it a bit, all that lolling around in warm water with a book and a glass of something nice, maybe a scented candle or two…

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Swainsonia formosa – just looked them up. Quite extraordinary! If I ever finish it I can show it to Pauline, my ex-mil. She’s 98 and still going strong :)
      Generally I find baths are boring. I much prefer nipping in and out of the shower, I like to get things over and done with as quickly as possible! My mother says she’s never known anyone who can shower, dress and fix their face and hair as quickly as I can…

      1. katechiconi

        Baths are nothing to do with getting clean and everything to do with peace and quiet and relaxation :-) I’m an ‘army shower’ specialist: water on, wet yourself, water off, soap yourself, water on, rinse yourself, water off and dry.

  2. nanacathy2

    No baths, I would be miserable. Showers are fine it’s getting dried afterwards in the cold I don’t like. But good storage space, and good luck with the cross stitch.

  3. Linne

    I had to smile after reading the comments. I take mostly sponge baths or what we used to call ‘spit baths’, but every ten days or so I have a real bath and I sure don’t waste it! I sit in the hot water for an hour (an extra half hour I’m doing an oil treatment on my hair). One place we lived that didn’t have running water (and no creek in the summer), my husband turned the log woodshed into a sauna with a dressing space. Perfect: no water waste (just a bucket to dump over each of us afterwards) and lots of lovely time sitting in the heat. I have Norske heritage, thanks to my mother, but I have Finnish friends and sure picked up sauna love quickly. Such good memories, too, of going to my friend’s home. She’d see the car and come running out of the house, not to greet us, but to start the sauna fire. Men and women go separately, so she and I and her daughters had a lovely time visiting, then the men and our sons had theirs.

    I have used baths for storage, too. I’m glad to hear you are nearly done. You must be thrilled with that, at least. I do envy your energy; I’ve always been quite laid-back. Slow and steady is me . . .

    I love that cross-stitch pattern, too. Do post a picture when you’re done!

    Big hugs to you. ~ Linne

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I believe saunas are excellent for one’s skin, but I cannot stand them!!! My aunt and uncle had one built next to their swimming pool and everyone else loved it except me….
      Not sure what energy you are envious of – I don’t seem to have nearly as much as some people nearly 30 years older than me sometimes. I just have to spread it thin :( It’s simply too hot here today to do any sorting, so I’m doing other things. Looking forward to tomorrow, when it will be about 10 degrees cooler. Or so they say – the weatherpeople seem to get it wrong so often.


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