considering options

After weeks of ghastly sorting, my lounge, dining room, work rooms and bathroom all look much more like the kind of rooms that human beings can actually live in :)

new 1

new 2

The lounge still has to accommodate (for now) my market display stuff and all my stock, but it’s a big room (originally two separate rooms) plus there are two large items of furniture in it that are not mine – they will soon be leaving the building, so to speak, and then there will be more space.

My bedroom still has crap in boxes under the bed and containers of fabric and beads, but that is the last stop; the deadline for that is Sunday. The jacuzzi bath is now empty and may be replaced with a shower – why replace it at all if the house is going on the market, you may ask? Well…another option has been proposed to me recently, and I have been giving it serious consideration (with the help of my accountant and an objective adviser). It is an option that affects more than just my financial position so I must think carefully and honestly about myself and what works for me. I’m still keeping an eye on houses for sale in beautiful little towns outside Cape Town, but am very happy to have a viable alternative to work with – not to mention the lovely man in my life who came up with the idea :)

It’s going to be a good day. I have etsy orders to get to the post office, six heart cushions to finish in time for Saturday’s market, a kitten to play with, and a date for dinner at my new favourite Italian restaurant. Here’s to good days – may you all have one, too, and many many more.

20 thoughts on “considering options

  1. katechiconi

    You have worked hard. Your living room looks very liveable, rather like mine, in fact except that I have more piles of books and filing scattered around. I wish you a lovely evening out and a decision that you’re happy with for your future security xxx

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thank you, Kate. I’m pretty sure your living room isn’t untidy! I battle to keep things neat, but once it’s done I feel like I’ve just scaled Everest. First world problems, I guess – too many possessions!
      There is another lounge in the house, one with a fireplace, which would be nice to use come winter. The previous owners used it as a music room – they had a piano, a cello and other music-making equipment in there. Plus a large parrot. Me – I’m tone deaf and couldn’t even manage to play the recorder at school, but it looks like there’s a chance there will be another piano in there sometime soon :)

      1. katechiconi

        How lovely to have a room dedicated to music. I thought I was lucky to have a room just to sew in, but I would love other rooms for particular activities: a library, for example, with a deep, lush sofa.

      2. Nice Piece of Work Post author

        They were (and still are) very musical people. The previous owner, H, and her late husband had brought up three children in this house and, once they all grew up and moved out, there was masses of space. There was also a swimming pool in the back garden, long since filled in. Just as well, considering the drought. My ex-husband’s pool has one inch of water left in it now and refilling is not allowed, obviously. And, as he says, it’s not like he ever swam anyway! He once dropped his cell phone in it, so had to unclothe and leap in to retrieve it. It was a cold winter’s day. When he got out, he discovered that his watch had slipped off while he was underwater, so had to dive down a second time. Wow, talk about getting sidetracked….

      3. katechiconi

        That sounds like the sort of thing that happens to me. I’ve been known to drop the same thing three times in succession, even when I’m concentrating. I don’t want a swimming pool of my own, but I’d love to be able to use someone else’s!

  2. The Snail of Happiness

    I’m sure you will find the right way forward. I’m still giggling about the picture of all the boxes in the bath in your previous post… it sounds like it may be one of the few practical uses one can make of a bath in Cape Town at the moment.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Yes, I’m afraid so. And even when the drought IS over, people still won’t be bathing as much – these are permanent lifestyle changes that need making. The idea is to use no more than one’s daily “allowance”, so if I decide to use most of my water on laundry and cleaning, then I must shower less often and for shorter periods. Some very interesting water-saving ideas have been put forward lately, particularly relating to personal hygiene. There are a few things that may take a while to get used to, but I think we will all survive ! On another level, the NGO I work for has been liaising with the city council about water usage – if NGOs are designated as critical care facilities (e.g. hospitals, feeding schemes, etc), then they are exempt from rationing. There has been no clear answer yet.

  3. coppicelearner

    When we were renovating this house – a process which took 20+ years! – my late husband used to say ‘Nowhere will be finished until everywhere is finished because there will be things that are in the wrong place or have no home’ and he was right! And of course when everywhere was finished, which was after he died, something broke or I bought something new and everything moved round again. I think le.arning to live with a state of flux is a critical life skill and it seems you have possible upheavals (nice ones) to come so don’t get too fussed about tidyness! I hope you can revel in options rather than stress about choices. Good Luck

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment. It’s funny you should say that about tidiness – I’ve been making cushions this afternoon and needed to find fabric of a certain colour and size. Since most of my materials are now packed in boxes or stashed in cupboards, I COULDN’T FIND WHAT I NEEDED without having to hunt! I’ve decided that, as two of my rooms are actually for making things, they are allowed to be as exactly as I want them to be :)
      Yes, stressing less, thanks x

  4. tgonzales

    Oh my goodness Jill, you have been very busy. I love the way you have tidyied up your little home. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your plans. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  5. Linne

    Well, I’m impressed! I think that you are not alone in the whole tidiness / creative mess thing. I tend to work best if things are all out where I can see them (all stuff, not just creative stuff) and when I don’t have adequate shelving, things end up in piles on the floor, furniture, etc. But I take heart from you . . . I’m about to begin tidying up my room here and really, one room is nothing compared to your entire house. I loved the story about the swimming pool, too! That could have been me . . . I don’t think I want a pool, but I’d love a country property with a pond big enough for swimming and fish.

    Your home looks lovely; I have to say I drool a bit at the thought of a home with a music room AND a fireplace. T!hat’s where my Christmas tree would go.

    I like what Coppice Learner said above about revelling in options rather than making choices; so much less stress. Think I’ll borrow that one . . .

    Here’s to a delightful option, Jill. Or ten . . .
    Love and Light. ~ Linne

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Option settled on yesterday. Legal documentation to follow… Yeah, I’m going with Coppice Learner’s advice, too, it’s been very helpful :)
      PS. It’s not a fancy or beautiful Victorian fireplace, by the way. It’s very plain!


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