loving Edward, home and work …

I thought it was only dogs who liked to dig holes in gardens and uproot plants. Apparently, Edward is dog-like in that way. I have a beautiful peperomia in a pot on the dining room table. It has just been mauled to near death and there is soil everywhere. I shouted at the little villain and took him outside to the Naughty Corner, where he proceeded to continue with important excavation work….

Teddy 2

Maybe he’s digging for gold or diamonds? It’s hard to be cross for long with a pet (or a person) you love, isn’t it?

Teddy 1

In other news, some felicitous arrangements have been made and I am delighted to say that I will be keeping my home. Not only have I grown fond of it, funny old house that it is, it is also my work space. I am so very lucky to have this much room for work and equipment, a sweet garden, lovely neighbours, proximity to everywhere important, and all the other good things that have come my way.


I will be trading at the Made in the Cape artisan market in Cavendish Square from this Thursday for four days (yay!), and have lots of half-completed cushions and bedspreads to attend to today. No more procrastination!! The sewing machine will be put through its paces shortly and work may have to continue well into the evening…

And in other other news, I had a lovely order last week for my screenprinted pillow cases from a gorgeous shop in Kalk Bay called Casa Boho. It’s one of those shops where it’s advisable to shred your credit card before entering, unless of course you are simply very rich and can have everything you want. Not only was I thrilled to get the order at all, what was also heartening was that my invoice was settled in full within 24 hours. I know from experience that small producers like me often have to battle to get paid, it’s a risky business sometimes. This efficiency was such a morale booster! Big thanks to the wonderful manager there, Mymoena, and her son Tauriq. xxx


23 thoughts on “loving Edward, home and work …

  1. katechiconi

    Oh good! I am so glad your life is arranging itself favourably. And just think! You can now reap the benefit of all that tidying up and clearing out, instead of leaving it for someone else to enjoy. Congratulations on the lovely order and even lovelier customers. How about a photo of your wares in situ, so we can ooh and aah at all the gorgeousness?

  2. Rainbow Junkie

    So glad to hear that things are working out so well. Great news about you sale of the pillow cases too! As to the cat, I fear she may have been looking for indoor toileting facilities?

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      There are currently two separate sets of indoor toilet facilities for Edward to choose between, and he likes to alternate. When it came to the plant and the garden, he was simply up to mischief. You should see what he did with two balls of wool last week…..

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Now that IS funny! But as it happens, Edward WILL be moving out. He will accompany my mother to her house in Glencairn (by the sea), where there is a bigger bird and insect smorgasbord than he will know what to do with. The two feline matrons will once more be in full reign of their abode :)

  3. insearchofitall

    I’m sorry, I did not know you were in jeopardy of losing your home. That can be very devastating to the nervous system. So happy things worked out. Good to hear Edward gets to move to a larger, freer space to dig. I’ve seen cats dig out potted plants inside a house and outside. Not sure what that is about since I’ve never had one that did such things. Glad the sales are moving along nicely.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks, Marlene. If we had had to sell the house, I would have come away with a tidy sum, but that was not my first choice! It’s a funny old house but has a lot to offer in terms of space, plus is in an area very close to the university – property prices here will never drop, drought or no drought, and it really is a good investment. My partner, Philip, and I have worked out a way to keep it. More about him later :) xxx

  4. Linne

    Oh, such good news, Jill! (although I was sort of looking forward to a visit to you in that lovely 4 bedroom Victorian . . .LOL) Seriously, I’m so glad you can stay in your home. And your work can continue uninterrupted and with less in the way. Lovely for Edward to have a new home, though. i’m sure he and your Mum will be happy.

    I’d love to see photos of your wares, too, and am very happy for you that the sale went through as sales should. One of my sons sells his photographs and a magazine only pays once the piece is published, so he can wait for months for payment. One has to keep a lot of stock out there and still it’s hared to plan on rent, etc. So I wish you more shops like this one and many customers at the market who pay up promptly.

    This was so good to read, and your comment on my post that Day Zero has been pushed back to two weeks. Things are beginning to look up!!

    Love and Light to you, ~ Linne

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Yes, lots of positive things. And there will definitely be a spare bedroom here, so you can come and visit whenever you like :)
      The market went very well for me, and I came away with lots of new customers and orders. It’s going to be a busy few days juggling things around. But no complaints from me.
      Since being paid, I’ve been told by hundreds of people how unusual that actually is – to be paid upfront within 24 hours. It’s hard enough to make a living doing one’s own thing anyway, but to have to wait months for payment makes it all doubly stressful. Financial planning and cash flow give me Big Headaches.
      Lots of love xxx


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