pocket cushions

I scored a whole stack of readymade jeans pockets in a box of imported textile samples. And so we have – the pocket cushion!  Ideal for your tv remote, glasses or bar of chocolate, or – as a customer volunteered recently – for your condoms. Yes, I was surprised by that, but then maybe that’s just showing my age.

remote cushion  IMG_20180210_111314

pocket 1   pocket blue

The embroidered star on the pocket of the greeny browny one got added on Saturday morning, free style and very quickly, because a customer wanted it like that for a friend who had been a big help to her recently.


And the unfinished pinky grey one is for Jessica, a teenager from Australia whose sister bought a blue and white one on the weekend. Can’t let a sister have something the other doesn’t, right?

I was going to say a couple of other things today but IT’S JUST STARTED RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE’S EVEN THUNDER AND LIGHTENING so I have to go outside and watch the beautiful drops falling ……………………….

23 thoughts on “pocket cushions

      1. Rainbow Junkie

        I feel like that too sometimes for the same reason but you have to be true to your own style of creativity. Yours makes me smile and the fact that you have return customers shows that it is appreciated.

  1. katechiconi

    Oh, wonderful! Be sure and get out there and dance in it, so the rain gods see you appreciate their gift. And I hope you have all your buckets and bowls out? The pocket cushions, by the way, are lovely! I’d put my crochet hooks and scissors and possibly my glasses (if I ever took them off) in one of those.

  2. nanacathy2

    I heard about your rain on the radio news, and thought of you! Love the concept of pockets on cushions, ideal for sewing paraphenalia that ends up between sofa cushions!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      That’s exactly what Kate said! We have had a little rain, last night’s was short but heavy and very loud, with thunder and lightening. Day Zero has been moved back again, this time to the beginning of June. So happy about that :)

  3. Lynda

    I love your idea! These are all fun colors, but I like the blue the best. I have many pairs of hubby’s old blue jeans I’ve salvaged. I think I will make one for my husband for his silly remotes… What is it with men and remote controls?

    Hm, but if I make it will he use it?

      1. Lynda

        LOL, he probably won’t. I put the end table on his side of the couch and said he could store everything in the little drawer on the bottom. He is now sitting on the opposite side of the couch. Something about being out of alignment with the screen after adjusting the couch and table position… Hopefully, the cushion will nip that excuse in the bud, ’cause it can go to any position on the couch he chooses. And yes, long live denim! :D

  4. Linne

    Love the cushions, but am disappointed about the rain; I sent you some of our snow . . . ;-) Seriously, I wish you more rain, but just enough, not great floods all at once.

    You know, you can make a long strip of heavy fabric (denim, maybe?) so that it fits under the chair cushion and the ends hang down on either side, then add pockets to the ends. Good for holding everything!

    ‘m SO glad to hear day zero has moved back; hope people keep saving water. We tend to forget too quickly, we humans. Love ~ Linne

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I love your “long” pocket idea, and have filed it in my head for future use. It could be useful for so many things, including snacks :)
      Day Zero has been moved back again slightly, so we are rejoicing. Pretty much everyone has come to the party now, and saving water has even created that sense of “common goal” which can do so much to hold people together.


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