change of plans, and a purple elephant

Scratch all previous arrangements. For the sake of mental equilibrium and in the interests of world peace, the house is on the market. Even better, today is show-house day. This is my worst nightmare – tidying and cleaning sufficiently so that potential buyers do not think the house is inhabited by pigs and weirdos. You will understand that this is hard for me!

My reward for this, and this is just today’s reward mind you, is a visit to the Gin and Tonic Festival at the Old Biscuit Mill this afternoon. Philip and I have been looking forward to this for weeks and, while he is more of a connoisseur than I am when it comes to all things alcoholic, I intend to make a damn fine effort to learn more.

Sorting through boxes recently, I came across this little needlepoint elephant. He was once in a frame but I decided he’d now look better on a patchwork cushion. I love it so much I’m going to be hardpressed to put it up for sale.

ellie 1

ellie 2.jpg

This is the original elephant cushion design, which comes from a wonderful book that I picked up in London some years ago. I can’t locate it right now or even remember who wrote it, but it’ll turn up eventually.


And so, let me procrastinate no longer. There is shoving-of-stuff-into-cupboards to be done…


24 thoughts on “change of plans, and a purple elephant

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    Hope you enjoy the gin and tonic… and that it dulls the pain that is selling a house.
    I’m sure that the elephant won’t be on your stall for long. Let’s hope that house won’t be on the market for too long either… hopefully you’ll be settled in a new place soon and you can establish a peaceful life (well as far as that is ever possible).

  2. katechiconi

    I adore your little elephant on his gorgeous cushion. I’d be a bit reluctant to give it away myself! I hope the house sells quickly so you can resolve your home situation soon and be done with all that unnatural tidiness and putting away :-) Cheers!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Unnatural indeed. After all that tidying, and then a rowdy outing with many new gins sampled, I barely recognised my own bedroom when I staggered back into it at some stage in the evening. My first thought: “Oh no, I’ve been burgled! and then the bastards tidied up before they fled….!!”.

  3. coppicelearner

    I find there are few problematic things a G&T does not help with! My daughter agrees which is even better. Good luck with the move. I would keep the elephant or make another to go in the new place!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      This purple chap might come with me unless, as I said to Gwen, I decide to trade him in for gin. Which I might well, being a new convert after yesterday’s festival. Who knew gin could be such fun…and that there were so many different varieties…and that South Africans have their own marvellous and innovative distilleries…and that there are so many new friends to be made when alcohol is the common denominator….

  4. insearchofitall

    Since the elephant is a sign of good luck, you should take it with you if the house sells quickly. I’m hard pressed to let go of things I have made myself and would rather let go of gifts unless they are also hand made. I hate that process of tidying up for show. Imagine what I did for a guest who is an organizer and quite a tidy soul. :( I couldn’t even hide things in the closets because she went through them ALL! But like you, I may be selling soon so everything will go as well. So very difficult.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I know what you mean, Marlene, but since moving from my “marriage” house to the flat, then to this house, and then planning yet another move, I realise that some things are simply that – just “things”. Obviously I’m excluding my grandmother’s jade ring, the needlepoint cushion my other grandmother stitched, the carved chair my grandfather made, the table my dad made, the mothers day cards my daughter made for me over the years, etc., but the more STUFF I have to deal with the more I know I could do very well with much less. Embarrassingly, it’s such a first world problem, too. That first big Clear Out in January was just the prelude – the really big and RUTHLESS pruning back is going to start soon!
      I don’t know the reason for your impending sale, but perhaps these things are meant to be? I do know one thing – wherever we move to, and whatever our circumstances, we still take ourselves with us :) xxx

      1. insearchofitall

        I’ve been where you are and it is an eye opener and a bit exhausting. You are correct, it is only stuff unless it has memory attached. Most of the memories are in our minds anyway. Good luck with the ruthless pruning.

  5. tgonzales

    Oh my goodness Jill. It sounds like you have been busy. And that purple elephant is too cute to get rid of that’s for sure. :) Love and Hugs sent your way! Tamara

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks. Just had a phone call from the agent – she received two offers today after yesterday’s showhouse and she’s on her way round, so we’re about to see what they are offering…. :)


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