and cats

I’m still stuck on animal cushions. Here’s Cat Cushion #1, finished late on Friday night in time for Saturday’s market. It sold within the first hour.


I can be clever on occasion, so I knew what to do — make more! Here’s another one:

kitten 2

Another four cats are waiting in the wings, they’ll be finished and stuffed by this evening in time for the Made in the Cape market at Cavendish tomorrow. I’ve made 28 new cushions altogether in the last few days so, as it happens, it’ll also be me who’ll be finished and stuffed by this evening. Cushion collage

PS. The woman who bought the cat on Saturday phoned me yesterday to ask if I could make her another one (in a different colourway) so that she’s not without a cat cushion when the first one is in the wash. Purrrrrrr…..  


14 thoughts on “and cats

  1. Catherine

    These are gorgeous! It’s great to find a hot selling item I’m sure. I have to admit to learning a lot from you in your market adventures as I start to contemplate my future more and more. But despite the cat being a firm favourite, I think I’m in love with the rabbit :)

  2. Gail

    Stunningly wonderful cushions, just looking at your pics makes me happy. Good luck with the market at Cav. Sorry I’m not in Cape Town to visit and give your cushions a loving stroke.


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