quick change

Starting with:
one crummy yet very comfortable cane and wicker chair

grey 4

two coats of grey matte acrylic paint and new patchworky-ish seat cover

Ending with:

Done. Many more things lined up for revamping but it seems I only have enough energy to deal with one a week. Not going to get very far before Christmas….!


18 thoughts on “quick change

  1. Gail

    Wonderful transformation, love the colours. Good you are being kind and gentle with yourself and listening to your body. xxx

  2. Bestemor

    Love the transformation, Jill! I think I may be doing something similar once I’m back in BC and settled. I have a couple of older chairs (different from yours, though) that can use a pick-me-up. Still planning for a seat and back cushion cover for the rocking chair my parents bought for one of my Aunties and which my cousin gave to me. I’m keeping the original cushions, but making new covers for them. Not painting that one; the wood is too nice. Anyway, lovely to see your work, as always. Do take care. Love from the UK ~ Linne


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