a bum bag and other wips

When it comes to getting rid of old clothes, jeans have always been a stumbling block for me. I think, I might still lose enough weight to fit into these, or I might get fat again and then I’ll be sorry I chucked them out, or Now these would make a really great bag, I must never ever throw them away! With the help of this tutorial from Knotty Threadz, it finally happened.

denim bag 1

I decided not to make the straps out of denim but “cannibalised” an old bag (a great idea from The Snail of Happiness) so mine has nice leather straps.

denim bag 3  denim bag 2

denim bag 4

The front and back pockets are still in place for cell phone and keys, and it’s got a cotton animal-print lining. I left the labels in place as well, I don’t know why, I just like them. Without the scarf threaded through the belt-holders, and from the back, it looks like a bum, doesn’t it? The original bum that wore these jeans wasn’t a big one at all, by the way, but it was a man bum so maybe that’s why the bag looks so wide.

I found a little needlepoint cat that got stitched many years ago, it’s now part of a cushion that will be on sale at the Made in the Cape market from Thursday this week.

cat cushion And lastly, progress on the cross-stitch Guatemalan dogs is good. I’ve really enjoyed stitching these but I’m onto a new design already so they’ll have to get finished soon.

cross stitch 6

What is everybody else working on?


12 thoughts on “a bum bag and other wips

  1. insearchofitall

    I’m with you, always had a hard time letting jeans go. I used several pair of the last husbands in quilts and really wanted to make a bag. Didn’t happen but you’ve gone and done a fine job of it. I love the use of old jeans in things. Even have some potholders made of them that were made by someone else. Love the kitten needlework pillow. Good luck with the market.

  2. Bestemor

    Jill, I love that bag! I save my old jeans, too, and most of my clothes. I don’t buy much, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. i kept all my hand-stitched long dresses from a few aeons ago because I intend to wear them again; at home if nowhere else!

    I would never have thought of making a belt for the bag, though, or of recycling leather handles. That’s so cool!

    And I love the cushion cover just as much. What a great way to use a smaller piece of cross-stitch! I have a few kits in my storage and was thinking I might as well donate them, but you’ve given me new ideas!! Thanks so much.

    Hugs from Canada. ~ Linne


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