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My idea of opening up a room in the house (that I don’t use) as a showroom for the bigger items I make (bedspreads, floor cushions, etc) has still not come to fruition, despite my having made progress by painting walls, hanging plants, putting in curtains and new rugs, organising display, etc. I’m trying for an eclectic sort of look – not really hard for me, since my material world seems to be a collection of stuff that never co-ordinated to begin with. And ‘progress’ is a tricky concept – since the start of this year, the rate at which I am getting things done has been grindingly slow. Karen has been on at me to fix an opening date because she knows I usually manage to work to a deadline, but I’m resisting with surprising stubbornness. In January, the middle of February sounded good. But here we are in the middle of March and I’m still flailing.  I’m driving myself insane…

Anyhow. Whatever. It is what it is. I got two cute little tables from a friend who was throwing out stuff and they just got repainted. The legs of the rectangular table had all been chewed by Dolly, her rabbit, but I didn’t bother to sand them down. I figure Dolly must have worked hard at leaving her mark.


Fresh white and a bit of duck-egg:

aviv table 1aviv table 2

I have another lovely order for pillowcases from the Kalk Bay, the production of which I have managed to stretch out over an entire week! Arrgh!

I’ve been unearthing needlepoint cushions and unfinished pieces, and giving them a new lease of life. I’ve also started a new needlepoint design (outlined years ago) and I’m going to make a note of the time I spend stitching it. That should be interesting, right? I’m not sure what exactly nudged me back into cross stitch and needlepoint after so many years, but I’m welcoming the resurgence of desire (any attraction for any productive activity at all is welcome right now).

canvas 1

The rose is nearly finished. I went off course with the left side of the petals but, again, I don’t really care – the main thing is the doing of it – I figure it still looks sufficiently rose-like. And I will never ever stitch leaves again…I’ve been cursing over them.


That’s me for now. Back soon xxx


15 thoughts on “step by step

  1. katechiconi

    What you need is a solid deadline. The letting-other-people-down kind… I find it’s quite miraculous for applying a much needed kick up the backside. I do love the sound of what will be a gorgeous boho-chic Aladdin’s Cave when you get it done. Hurry up, I want to see the photos!

  2. Erika Espach

    Deadlines are good. :) By the way. Do you know about the Quilters Fraternity Open day at the Claremont Library this coming Saturday the 16th ? E

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Some deadlines, yes! I’ll try and pop in on Saturday, but the way the weekend looks from here it’s unlikely I’ll make it (thinking about your comment re deadlines…)

  3. The Snail of Happiness

    I like your rose better than the charted one, which (in my opinion) had too many gaps between the petals. Funny how we come back to things… I would never have believed I’d return to enjoying sewing with a machine, but this year that’s what I seem to be doing more and more. Like you, I’m just embracing the creativity that I feel, whatever form it takes.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Yes, agreed. I’m really happy that I didn’t get rid of all my tapestry and crewel wools after closing the shop, now that my needlepoint mojo has returned. I sold quite a lot of stock on to another little shop in the next suburb, but luckily kept all this wool in boxes in the garage. Honestly, I have so much – it would be worth about R20,000 today if I had to pay retail prices.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I will get it done. I did a revisit this morning and there are more things ticked on my check list than I’d realised. Just getting all the packaging and signs sorted out. I certainly can’t complain that I haven’t had enough time for myself, and I am lucky not to have had to put the pressure on (or had it put on me!)
      I don’t want to advertise the showroom and then not have it be as well-stocked as it could be. I’d disappoint myself, and anyone who comes along might not be tempted to return…

  4. tgonzales

    Oh Jill. I love the colors that you chose for the tables. They both look amazing. And your needlepoint piece will be beautiful when you are finished. I can’t wait to see it. I’m sure you are more critical of your leaves. As for me, I can’t see anything wrong with them. Thank you for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  5. insearchofitall

    I think there is something going on with Mercury in retrograde. I can’t make myself push forward to completion right now. I’ve decided to just let it go till it happens in it’s right time. It always gets done and if I don’t push, things get done right. Your tables turned out beautiful. Needlepoint was the one thing that I never could grasp so you have one on me. My mother could do it and I loved her work. No one else sees your flaws. Keep on enjoying it. It’s all about the fun.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Hmmm, I just googled the Mercury thing. Apparently this “destructive planetary sensation is real”!!! That really does explain a lot, and I’m definitely going with that excuse now. Thanks for letting me know about it :)
      I’ve tried setting a deadline and it didn’t work, so now I and myself have agreed to do just what you recommend (ie. don’t push). I feel better. Plus, you know, the Mercury thing – that would be like farting against thunder, right?…
      I hope you also get your things done in good time. No need to put pressure on yourself if, well, you don’t need to! Maybe we make our own lives more difficult than we need to? Have a lovely weekend, Marlene, and thanks for commenting xxx

      1. insearchofitall

        Oh, Jill! Thank you for the wonderful giggle this morning. Farting against thunder is an expression I’ve not heard but absolutely love it!!! Have a wonderfilled weekend yourself. ;)

  6. nanacathy2

    I love the idea of a showroom for your items. The tables have come up great, bet you get someone wanting to buy them. Good idea to unearth the UFOs, I have more than a few, and with a fresh start comes interest. I like the rose a lot. Keep going with the room, and I look forward to a virtual tour.


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