ScrapHappy July

I picked up this little chap (I think it’s a kalanchoe) at a Christmas market in December, and he’s sat outside all these months without doing a thing. Two weeks ago I moved him to a shadier spot about three metres away, and he suddenly blossomed!


Fancy me leaving him in that grotty little plastic pot all this time. He deserved a bit of encouragement, so I made him a patchwork sleeve. I stitched a few scraps (leftovers from making yoga mat bags) into a piece the circumference of the pot (35cm), sewed the sides together, and hemmed the top and bottom. I had thought there might need to be elastic at the top, but it fits just fine.



Perhaps, like me, he was just going through a dormant period. Patience may teach me a few things yet…


14 thoughts on “ScrapHappy July

  1. katechiconi

    I think when Mr Kalanchoe flowers his blooms will be in the red/orange/yellow colour palette, so that pot sleeve is perfect! I have a big tub of kalanchoe outside, a variety called (appropriately enough) Flaming Katie, in bright scarlet.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      It sounds beautiful, I checked with my local nurseries and none of them have any Flaming Katie. I’ll have to keep my eyes open when visiting friends! In a pot at the front, shortly after the geranium I’d carefully planted in it died a horrible death, I put an Australian Cherry. It looks sturdy and glossy.


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