ScrapHappy August

There’s something about Kate’s Scraphappy reminder emails that makes me sit up, take note and galvanise myself into action.

I’ve been making belt bags lately, and I’m rather pleased with my design and how it works. But it occurred to me that it might also work with a bit of patchwork magic. Here are the three pieces I stitched together out of scraps.

scrap belt bag 1 small

And here they are all stitched up.

scrap belt bag 2 small

A close-up of the zip.

scrap belt bag 3 small

And one being modelled by Karen.

belt bag green

I’ll be keeping the scrappy one for myself but I have high hopes for the others: I’ve been busy re-opening my etsy shop and also plan to get some listings on Hello Pretty (a specifically South African platform) this week.

If you want to see what other scraphappy people are up to, click on these links: (Kate and Gun, the first two links, are the hosts)


25 thoughts on “ScrapHappy August

  1. katechiconi

    Love these! Such a perfect scrappy project, and such a clever design. I’ve been thinking I need something like this for a couple of weeks, for dog treats when we’re on walkies. May I steal your idea? I’ll need to line it with plastic and maybe replace the metal parts with plastic so I can wash it more easily, but it’s the ideal solution.

      1. katechiconi

        That would be great! I have some handy bits of old shower curtain that would make a great lining. And hey! Another scraphappy project to show another time :-)

      1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

        My waistline was doing nicely until a few months ago, not sure what happened back there but it’s definitely got out of hand! This is partly why I have to ask my skinny friend Karen to model for me :(

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