ScrapHappy January 2020

I see I haven’t posted for a long while! It’s no excuse that my working Christmas season was extra busy – I usually somehow manage to find the time to fit in those things I really really want to do – I just somehow couldn’t find the impulse to write. I kept up with my facebook and instagram accounts, but those don’t really count because they are so quick and easy. Not sure if the inspiration to write has fully gripped me yet, but an email from Kate re ScrapHappy has enticed me to the keyboard, so here we go!

I forgot to take a before pic, but I got this little oak chair from someone on facebook, who is emigrating to Germany. She used this as her desk chair and it had little felt stickers on the corners to prevent it knocking against her rosewood desk. I removed those, gave the wood a clean and a lick of linseed oil, removed the seat (it lifted out very easily and turned out to be a new one that the owner had had specially made) and covered it with seven pieces of leftover fabric sewn into a square and stapled down at the back. I covered the raw edges at the back with a piece of shweshwe that was leftover from something Karen had made. I have a pic of that (it looks really sweet) but WordPress says there’s a problem uploading that particular file so I’ll have to not bother with it. Instead, let me hit the Publish button so that I can say I’ve finally finished a post.

Happy New Year, everyone :)


PS. Forgot to mention, I posted this on instagram on Friday, just after completing it, and it sold (via ig) on Saturday to a lovely friend and follower, who plans to use it at her desk in her workroom. Very gratifying!


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