Mend it Monday (Thursday) 2

A pair of lovely leather Green Cross sandals, bought by Karen about 6 years ago and then rapidly handed over to me because they didn’t make her feet happy: they’ve made mine happy all this time, and the soles and straps are still in perfect condition. But the surface of the upper sole, not being leather, has worn away.

These are perfect sandals to wear when one is going for a pedicure, as an alternative to flipflops (which I detest), and I knew I would be sad to see them go.

sandal 2

Determined to figure something out, I traced around the sandal onto a piece of black fabric, cut out the shape, cut a straight line to the in-between-toe bit so the piece lay flat, and stuck it all in place with a lot of glue. Here you can see (a) where the glue is still drying at the front, and (b) some fabric fraying on the edges.

sandal 3

I trimmed the frayed bits as best I could, but with hindsight I realise a non-fraying fabric like felt would have been better. Still, here they are on my fat little feet, and I’m not ashamed to wear them to the beauty parlour any more :)

sandal 1



11 thoughts on “Mend it Monday (Thursday) 2

  1. Gail

    So clever, Jill. I also dislike wearing flip flops. Recently wore them after a pedi and my feel kept slipping out of them while I was reversing, stalling my car into little jumps. A sweet lady in the parking area rushed up to find out if I was okay and ended up reversing my car for me.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I think the creative person was the one who designed the sandals in the first place :) I don’t mind buying new sandals when needed, but these old things have been really comfy and I wasn’t ready to chuck them out.

  2. katechiconi

    Maybe thin leather instead of fabric next time? It won’t fray, and it will be more durable and perhaps comfortable. They’re lovely sandals, wish I had a pair like that for my own fat little feet!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Also a good idea, thanks. They’re not actually a style that normally appeals to me so I wouldn’t have had them if Karen hadn’t picked them out first. She has beautiful feet and ankles, and her toenails are always perfect. Mine not so much.


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