Bead me up, Scotty

Fabric beads. It’s a thing. I hadn’t even heard of the concept until a friend recently said she was thinking of running an online workshop on how to make them. My brain lit up like the Blackpool illuminations, and I hit the glorious mazes of pinterest and instagram to find out what I’d been missing.

I’d recently tried making fabric-covered wooden beads but absolutely hated the process — too fiddly, I wasn’t in a glue mood, and didn’t like the messy end result. Experiment aborted.

beads 1

But the stitchy-type beads – ah, much more my style. I found some soft thick black fabric, cut a piece roughly 14cm by 6cm, rolled it up like a seasoned pot smoker*, stitched the edges neatly into place, then wrapped it with some burgundy cord, glittery ribbon and little gold beads. Stitched all that into place as I went, using black thread,

beads 5

beads 4

beads 3

I made three and they didn’t take very long. A most enjoyable process, potential to use up scraps and all sorts of odds-and-ends, and I think the possibilities are endless. I think I’ll turn these into something that will go round my neck. Any other suggestions?

* Fyi  I don’t smoke dope, but that may change as our Level 3 Lockdown continues…. Just saying.


14 thoughts on “Bead me up, Scotty

  1. Rainbow Junkie

    Another great idea. They would be quite good hanging from something like tassels perhaps. And I did smile when I read you final comment re smoking dope and the lockdown. I must admit SA doesn’t sound too good. Just look forward to when it is all over.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Thanks, Jane. Looking forward indeed, but unfortunately Cape Town is one of eight “hotspots” in the country – we may even fall back to Level 4 instead of being promoted to Level 2. Deep sigh.

      1. katechiconi

        I have slowed right down apart from The Boss’ walkies. The pain down the back of the legs is the big warning sign… Tai Chi starts again today and I’m hoping that will help to sort things out a bit.

  2. Gail

    The beads are wonderful. Well discovered. Sure they will be an excellent enhancement to your lovely creations.

  3. insearchofitall

    You make me laugh. ;) I didn’t take you for a pot smoker either. Never tried it myself but a lot of my family do. Nothing takes the edge off for me like sweets. Now when they make that illegal, I might start a radical protest. Interesting beads. Not sure what I’d do with them but it seems a great way to use up bits and pieces. Very pretty.

  4. Bestemor

    I doubt you are old enough to remember door curtains made of strands of beads, often wooden ones. I think yours would be lovely that way and not so clickety, if you know what I mean. I would use dental floss to string them, as it’s almost unbreakable.

    I could see a lovely necklace, too, maybe with a circle of what we call rattail (satiny cording) or velvet cord, then the beads hanging down like an Egyptian collar.

    Or a few in a bunch at each corner of a lovely cushion . . . .

    You always inspire me! I’ve seen beads made of newspapers and the coloured comics, too, I imagine a triangle of fabric with a bit of glue on the back (if one was in a ‘glue mood’ of course) then rolled from the wide end to the point, might be interesting, too.

    Glad you’re hanging in there. Life isn’t too different for me; I’m an extreme introvert and a natural homebody. So I don’t get bored or go crazy. I feel sorry for the extraverts, honestly.

    Anyway, not to write a book . . . love and light to you. ~ Linne

  5. Nice Piece of Work Post author

    Some good bead ideas there, thank you. I’ve put them to one side for the moment, I keep returning to the knitting that I have on my needles, especially now that it’s so cold at night. I think the faster my hands move, the warmer they will be!
    It’s been a good week so far – a few positive things have happened (or been made to happen!) on a personal level, but life is never balanced, is it? Money will continue to be a worry for a long time to come, but I’m very careful and trying to follow up on all sorts of business-related leads.
    Lots of love to you, too, Jill


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