scraphappy July 2020

I like to pop my cell phone in a case in my bag when I go out, it prevents the screen from getting scratched. This is a spare phone that I keep in case of emergencies (e.g. having my bag stolen!) and it lives in a drawer with other oddments, but I guess it still deserves its own cover. I used scraps left over from making other things. Sooooo many other things, most of which will be on their way to the USA soon. More details later – very excited about new opportunities :)

I’ve been inspired to write this (and future) ScrapHappy posts by Kate, Tall Tales from Chiconia. On the fifteenth of every month lots of folks often publish a ScrapHappy post, do check them out:

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13 thoughts on “scraphappy July 2020

  1. Gail

    Gorgeous fabrics. I would have to spend a few moments stroking and admiring these fabrics every time I used my phone. Sending good luck vibes for your new opportunities.

  2. katechiconi

    The excellent thing about scrappy phone and sunglass cases is that cases make them so much easier to find in your handbag! Love your scraps for this one, especially the blue one.

      1. katechiconi

        The distinctive fabrics really add to the charm of the things you make :-) Anyone can do scrappy, but you do *African* scrappy as no one else can.

  3. tgonzales

    Oh Jill. I love your little scrappy phone cover. I should make me one for my phone. :) I can’t wait to hear all about your new opportunities. :)

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I once made some to sell at a market, and I stitched a tiny square of velcro at the top inside so if the item you put inside isn’t snug, it still won’t fall out. I should make more, I guess….oh wait – no point, NO MARKETS ALLOWED YET !!!! grrrrrrr

  4. insearchofitall

    Great use of scraps. Kate always inspires me too. I made her coffee maker mat but not so much from scraps. I may make my own cover for my phone too since the one I bought won’t fit in my pocket.


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