ScrapHappy March 2021

Holy moley, where does the time go? I try to remind myself of Einstein’s general theory of relativity but it doesn’t make me feel any better. Time’s a-marchin’ on and I still haven’t finished Gulliver’s Travels or started on War and Peace!

Anyway, here’s my ScrapHappy make for the month. What item could possibly be of more use than a face mask anywhere in the world today?

I made this one using four leftover bits of cotton shweshwe and the inner is a plain grey cotton that came from someone else’s cast-offs. The elastic is from a time when I thought I was going to experiment with sewing knickers but never got around to it. I prefer to wear a mask where the elastic goes round the back of my head instead of looping over each ear. That way, when I get a chance to take it off, I can just pull it down so it hangs around my neck instead of disappearing into the black hole of my immediate environment.
I don’t know why these pics are so large, I didn’t do anything to them that I haven’t done before.

Here’s hoping you are all staying healthy and, for some of you, having access to the vaccine. It’s a little bit more complicated down south in Africa and, if anyone’s interested, here’s a helpful overview by Benjamin Mueller for the New York Times.

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25 thoughts on “ScrapHappy March 2021

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I’m so cross – this ended up in my spam folder, which I never usually look at, until today! I wonder why……something’s up with WordPress and I DON’T LIKE IT. Kate also had a grumble about it this morning, I wonder if they’ve let the so-called Happiness Engineers go on holiday for a week or two…..

      1. The Snail of Happiness

        I keep forgetting to check my spam, but when I do I often come across something that shouldn’t be there. I don’t mind if it is something with a dozen links, but an ordinary comment from one of my followers should never go into spam… grumble…

      2. Nice Piece of Work Post author

        I’ve just looked up who owns WordPress – it’s Automattic Inc, started and run by a Mark Mullenweg. He’s about to get an email from me. No doubt it will have him shaking in his boots (or in his Nikes, in which case he’ll be in REAL trouble). I’ve been very happy with WordPress so far, and perhaps if he realises just how much resentment is building against WP, he’ll do something about it. You know, like all the CEOs worth $72 billion !!! …..

  1. insearchofitall

    That was a very well done mask. I can’t bring myself to make one. Something in my psyche won’t let me go there though I always wear one when out and about. I love the scrapiness of it. I’ll check out the link now. It’s frustrating how long it’s taking in many places for people to get the vaccine. Hang in there.

  2. katechiconi

    Lovely fabrics, as always. I like elastic around the back too, but it takes a bit more fiddling about to put on, and you need to touch the mask more to put on or take off, not great if you’re in a danger zone. I’m not, so I’m sticking with elastic at the back! The vaccine is in Australia, but i don’t yet know anyone who’s had it.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Yes, a lot of people like the wire bit, and also the more shaped version you are wearing. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for one with gold sequins but haven’t been lucky in finding one yet. Guess I should keep digging through my stash of fabric in the garage and see if there isn’t something sufficiently gaudy to use.

  3. Going Batty in Wales

    As our lockdown starts to ease I am hoping I never need to make another mask! Yours is very scrappy and very nice though.

  4. Bear

    Nice maskage! I started making my own at the beginning of it all as I couldn’t find any in the stores. Now, I have a handful of masks gifted through snail mail, so I can change each day. Our Sunday evening activity is the “Mask Wash” Hubby washes, I press and hang… between the two, they should be clean, eh. Anyway, So nice to meet you this week.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Hi Bear, nice to meet you too. (I hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Bear’ – I looked through your blog and About section but couldn’t find any other name, so Bear it is).
      A year ago, there was much discussion about the best fabrics to use for masks, how many layers they should have, testing how effective they were by trying to blow out a candle through one from varying degrees of distance, the shaped 2-piece vs the rectangular 1-piece, the straight rectangle vs the pleated rectangle, the ear loops vs the round-the-head ties, etc, I could go on. They’ve morphed from being a (hopefully) necessary precaution against spreading the virus to being nothing more than a fashion statement. We all wear them, all the time (not in our own homes, obviously) but even taking the rubbish bins outside on Monday mornings minus a mask is a sign of deep disrespect to one’s neighbourhood. In SA, it is now also evidence of criminal activity – people have been arrested and marched off in the back of police vans for being in a public place without a mask.
      I saw a shop assistant wearing a sapphire-blue sequinned number last week, which matched her top. I was very taken with this and am on the hunt for some glitzy fabric so I can make a couple for myself.

      1. Bear

        Good morning, Glad to meet you. And Bear is my given name, so that’s okay. Some few call me Jelli, and that’s okay, too. I know what you mean. It’s not that bad here in the area of the USA where I live. Here, there are still people who believe that they aren’t necessary. Pardon my crass-ness when I say that they’re dying like flies because of it. So sad. I’ve worked the majority of my life in Elder care either in nursing homes or private duty so masks are “norm” for me. I have “medical grade” masks, and others as well. I’m pleased to see the varieties in colors, and designs these days. I have one that looks like a pig’s snout (I have a small face so the childrens masks usually fit me) that a fellow “Ham” radio friend sent to me.. I had planned to wear it for the great Ham-vention this year, but it’s been canceled yet again. So, I’ll keep it for when our radio club meets in person (hopefully next month). When I make my masks, I usually make it such that I can slip a medical mask inside if needed. that way, I’m not having to double-mask. I don’t work anymore as the day care I was working at is now closed indefinitely.

  5. Quimper Hitty

    The mask with elastic around the back is my favourite too – and if my dad would try it out he wouldn’t keep dislodging his hearing aids….I like your cheerful fabrics!

  6. onesmallstitch

    great work. Cheerful, happy masks are nice to see and wear. I use self-made fabric bias ear loops measured to fit. Elastic gets caught up in my hair. Must admit I’ve given up wearing earrings so I don’t lose any.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I feel weird without earrings. I’ve unearthed some small hoops I used to wear a lot, after my mask pulled out a pearl stud the other day. Luckily it happened in the car so I found the pearl, although not the butterfly.

  7. cedar51

    Love your scraps becoming an accessory that so many of us have to wear.

    In New Zealand it’s a bit different, mask only on public transport or flights. And there is a wide variety of masks and the wearing of said masks. This because it’s impossible to social distance on public transport and you are basically with strangers.

    The vaccine is here, but the roll-out system places me down the line a bit – first all border and quarantine workers and their respective families. Although I did here that some retirement villages (where you pay megabucks to live there) have started their rollout…

    And as we roll into Winter, I would imagine the flu’ jab will be up first for me…and then the vaccine.

    I wear glasses (not all the time, as I sometimes forget to take them) but the amount of times, I’ve had to clutch at the glass-arms as I’m tangled with the elastics. Never had any problems with earrings though. I was advised due to my respiratory health issues to use the disposables which is fine by me, I actually do launder them, but once they start to “fluff” they a/elastic cut and b/into the garbage bin…

    I’m sure a lot of people have made some interesting masks with scraps of material…love decorative sequin mask you spied…


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