for all the single earrings

The phrase “single earrings” naturally got stuck in my head as “single ladies”, so it seems reasonable to end this post with a youtube clip from Beyoncè and some dancers. (Yes, I am generously sharing my earworm with you!)
In the meantime, someone’s granny died and I was given a bag of extremely interesting bits and pieces. Included were some of these:

And, coincidentally, I’d been going through drawers and boxes and cupboards over the weekend sorting various things out. I had found seven lonely earrings, all of which were once half of a pair and had had some meaning for me.

I got out my topstitching thread and a suitably sturdy needle and set to work. I didn’t really plan on how best it might be done and I did a sort of weavy, in-and-out thing with the thread and then dabbed a bit of glue on the back and left it to dry overnight.

The result is clearly a bit of a jumble, but (a) it’s an improvement on having seven half-earrings, (b) I have nothing against a good jumble, (c) it looks just fine on my old denim jacket, and (d) there is no (d). It is what it is.

16 thoughts on “for all the single earrings

  1. Gail

    Love the video Jill, thanks for sharing it. Also like your gorgeous jumble pin, wonderful idea. Soon, soon though, according to the Laws of Whatever, one or more of the previously lost earrings will pop up chortling ‘here I am, fooled you”.

  2. katechiconi

    That’s a very pretty and clever (and scrappy!) idea. I used to know an elderly lady who wore one of these on her blouse and had all sorts of stuff clipped into the loops for when she was sewing. She called it her chatelaine – not strictly authentic, but that’s certainly how she used it.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Also something to think about. My gran also had a fob watch which no longer works. Perhaps it’s time to see if it can be fixed and worn in a similar way – I haven’t worn a watch on my wrist for over 30 years but, on the other hand, it’s my excuse for letting time run away from me…

  3. insearchofitall

    You are just full of wonderful inspiration, Jill!!! I love this! I’ve never seen a pin like that but I’ll start looking for one. I have lots of single earrings unless I gave them all away already. Now I have to go look and see what I can find.

  4. cedar51

    Up until very recently – I wore a sleeper earring on the right – and on the left a single drop of some kind. I won’t be replacing the sleeper – but I shall continue to wear just one earring on the left. I have quite a number of “single earring” – good place to find them is a lost/found sale; plus I look for singles when I’m out and about; and people gift me the singles. I don’t like wearing long ones as my neck is a tad short and I have to be careful if I have a woolen scarf on.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Well, an even better place to find single earrings would be my house! **hahaha
      I think that’s a cool idea, I wish I had the style to pull it off. I have three holes in my right ear and two in my left but that was from way back in the days when it was the in thing. Since I’ve never really been an “in” person, I have to wonder why it took me so long to just be and do and wear what I like.
      In winter I never wear long earrings, like you, for the scarf reason :)

  5. tgonzales

    I love your idea, Jill. I have the same problem with single earrings. I can’t seem to throw them away. I think it’s because I think that the other one will eventually show up. :) Thanks for sharing your single earring idea. Love and Hugs, Tamara

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      In my case, I KNOW that the other one will never show up – I have given up all hope of ever finding the second half of anything! This no longer bothers me, and I could of course deliberately wear two different earrings at the same time – but at my age that would be the equivalent of wearing two unmatching shoes and people would shake their heads in sympathy as I stagger along, thinking Poor old thing, she doesn’t even realise….


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