nothing specific, just a bit of an update/rant…

All I ever post these days is for ScrapHappy once a month. In fact, if it wasn’t for Kate and ScrapHappy, you’d probably think I was dead. Since this could happen at any time (we have seriously bad drivers in Cape Town!), I think I should give my WordPress login details to Karen, so she can post(humously) the last edition of Nice Piece of Work on my behalf.

Strange times we are living through, I think, all over the world. Some people seem able to bubblewrap themselves up a bit more against the weirdness and the general political and economic hypocrisy, which is probably a trait to be desired. Not admired as such, but definitely desirable. The world that humans created has no doubt always been bizarre and based on the evolutionary foundation of our natural animal instincts, but the internet has amplified various abnormalities that are sometimes beyond belief. Who are we supposed to have faith in any more? Why are politicians such bloody hypocrites and, in South Africa’s case, mostly thieves and fraudsters? Why are these people running our countries and making decisions about our personal liberties? Why is peanut butter so expensive now, and why can’t I find Marmite on the shelves any more? Why aren’t more of us questioning things like critical race theory and man-made climate change and why is homelessness becoming so rife? If I have to allocate blame somewhere, I’m going to pick Karl Marx, Jacques Derrida, Billy Graham, the Kardashians, Mark Zuckerberg and my mother.

The year so far has, if anything, been worse than last year. [Personal bubble alert, apologies in advance]: my general well-being, such as it was, has been upended by post traumatic stress disorder, an underactive thyroid, depression, financial anxiety, a broken hand, and broken trust in a particular person. I also have to have another covid test today, because I was exposed to someone seven days ago who tested positive two days later. I’m not really looking forward to it, but remind myself that I’ve been through childbirth. Everything else must necessarily pale in comparison. It was messy, everyone was very bossy, and they wouldn’t let me eat anything for hours before being induced. This last thing really got up my nose – much more than today’s covid test is going to!

So, I feel fine and have developed no symptoms, which is all good – especially since I can’t get the vaccine anyway – South Africa has managed to get about 100 so far, or 1,000 – the number is so low it actually makes no difference, and there’s a better “roll-out” at the new Lebanese bakery round the corner than anything our lot could manage.

But, let me end off on a more cheerful note. I have many reasons to be grateful to my ex-husband, and the most recent one is the introduction to Bill Bailey, British comedian. Here’s one of his clips from youtube. It’s always good to have a laugh, isn’t it?

25 thoughts on “nothing specific, just a bit of an update/rant…

  1. Gail

    Laughing at Bill Bailey, thanks Jill and definitely feeling not too bad all things considered. Hope you also feeling not too bad and that your Covid test is negative. Strange that we all wishing and hoping for negative test results! Sending love and hugs

  2. cedar51

    Well, reading that you’ve up for a dreaded covid-test – I guess I’m not “feeling too bad about my lot right now” – wishing you are all good and it’s a negative. Thanks for having me understand what I should say when asked “how are you today”….often I say “mustn’t grumble” and I only use “awesome when typing a response online” … but then again I’m not an Australian!

    Many cheerful hugs to you…

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      It’s okay, South Africans say it too! I’m not bothered about the test, I’ve had one before, it takes about 2 seconds. Thanks for the (virtual) hugs, it all helps :)

  3. DawnGillDesigns

    WE are being encouraged to test twice weekly. I’ve not taken it that far as I’m mainly staying away from people, but I am testing every week, and it adds to the sympathy I have for the frontline staff having to test daily, the poor buggers. Bill Bailey is adorable isn’t he.
    You should get yourself some bubble mixture. It’s not a fix for feeling bad, but I promise you that when you stand outside and blow some bubbles, you will be a little more #CheeryUppy, as will anyone fortunate enough to be passing or have them blow into their path. Sending cheer and hugs.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Under the circumstances – or “all things considered”, as Bill would say – I’m actually feeling very well right now. I’m just home from the test, took about two seconds, very professional people at Pathcare MediClinic in Gardens. It’s a beautiful day here, sun shining and 21 deg. I am very fortunate in too many ways to list and, to be honest, hermit-mode doesn’t bother me at all. I have plenty to occupy myself, in the garden and at the craft table (and some housework if I’m being honest) and some brilliant books waiting to be finished. I have wonderful neighbours who shop for me, and wonderful friends who help in other ways. And I mean REALLY help. (They know who they are, if they’re reading this). There’s also Bill Bailey, Peter Kay, Peter Sellers, and Netflix. I’m very privileged. I do like your idea of bubbles though, and will ask Lou (lovely neighbour across the road) to get some for me the next time she goes to the supermarket :)
      Take care.

  4. Going Batty in Wales

    Sorry to hear that life is getting to you. You do sound to have had a run of really bad luck and a lot to cope with. At the moment I am very glad to be living in rural Wales a) because it is rural and our infection rates are very low b) because the Welsh government seems to be handling thing reasonably well in the main and c) because they have managed the vaccine roll out best of all the UK nations and every adult has now been offered at least the first dose.

    Each day I scan the news headlines (UK and Welsh) in case WW3 has been declared or the Queen has died – you know the things that can result in ‘foot in mouth’ if you don’t know about them – and ignore the rest.

    I like Dawn’s suggestion of blowing bubbles! I may have a pot somewhere so will go and look for it.

    Big hugs across cyberspace

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      None of these things have had me feeling down for too long, thankfully. My thoughts are currently with a dear friend who is seriously ill with cancer of the oesophagus (I would actually drive the eleven hours it would take me to get to where she lives, if it wasn’t for covid), and people who have lost their jobs and their homes and who are now living in their cars – if they’re lucky enough to have one. Most people aren’t. We also have a nearly 70% youth unemployment rate in SA, so times are very tough indeed.

      1. Going Batty in Wales

        Sorry to hear about your friend – that must be tough for you especially not being able to visit. I hadn’t realised the situation in South Africa was so bad – no wonder things are getting you down! All I can offer is more hugs and thoughts.

  5. Rainbow Junkie

    Sounds as if life has been pretty tough for you. Makes my life seem easy. So much sympathy. Having a rant is good, even if it doesn’t change things.
    Here it is suggested that we take a lateral flow test twice a week but I am so careful to keep away from people that I haven’t done so – afraid of having to isolate for false positives as they are less accurate than the PCR tests. Not sure I could find my tonsils anyway!

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      I had my tonsils removed when I was 14, so that wouldn’t be much help. The year can only get better, Jane – it’s amazing what a regular dose of benzodiazepine can make. I shouldn’t joke about it, and I’m actually not because it’s not optimal for anyone/everyone, but I am grateful for modern medicine.

  6. katechiconi

    I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone I’m awesome, it seems a bit like over-claiming! Mainly it’s ‘not dead yet’ or ‘not too bad’, depending on the day ;-) I’m glad to be providing the reason/excuse for posting; I do wish I could provide something more tangible in the form of actual motivation to make something because you really, really want to… On the upside, although our pollies are perhaps a thought less corrupt than yours (although equally incompetent), and are incapable of organising a piss-up in a brewery, let alone a vaccine roll-out, I’m due my second dose next month. Stay with your crafting cohort, darling girl, we’d miss you heaps if you chucked it in.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Philip’s standard reply was “still vertical”. My mom phoned earlier to say she’d been given a vaccine slot for this coming Wednesday. And my results came in by SMS at 6.30am – negative. Very relieved. Would have gone nuts not being able to leave the house…..

  7. insearchofitall

    I hear you and second that opinion. My daughter and I commiserate often at the state of the world and the demise of humanity. We are sinking to new levels of low all over the world. PTSD is nothing to sneeze at and no one seems to think anyone other than soldiers get it, but we know better. Depression is always lurking trying to snatch away the little glimmers of good but like you. I keep hammering it back into the hole it came out of. I have cushions on the sewing machine giving me endless fits so I’m avoiding them. I’m so sorry getting the vaccine has been so hard for your country. We have plenty but so many think it’s a joke and won’t get it. I didn’t want it either but my daughter insisted. Hell, what do i have to lose anyway. I’m already terminal and old. I wanted to wait till those in real need got theirs. Turns out they think it’s fake. Includes my son the moron (on occasion). A broken hand and covid scare are real stressors. They take their tole. Hang in there. I’m wishing good things for you.

  8. The Little Room of Rachell

    Next you need to get hold of Black Books, a tv series that ran in the late 1990s with Bill Bailey and the superb Tamsin Greig and Dylan Moran

    Ps the marmite thing (and I haven’t read the comments above so it’s prob been replied to) is due to lack of beer brewing over the lockdown here and so no malt extract for the good stuff. It’s back in shops more now here, so hopefully you can get hold of it soon.)

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Just looked up Black Books on Netflix, not there, but perhaps I can get it through youtube. Definitely going to give it my best shot! I’m completely enthralled by Bill Bailey.
      Substituted lemon marmalade for marmite – starts with the same four letters, and nice on toasted rye bread with a bit of butter ;)

  9. nanacathy2

    Oh dear, nothing worse than being down in the dumps. Lockdown and covid has coincided for me and mine with some lifechanging situations, so that the former are minor irritations and inconveniences. I only write my blog when I am in a good place and can be cheerful. May look as if I am in a bubble but its how I get through the weeks, that and concentrate on the small things I can do. My suggestion is make something for a care home, or a children’s hospital, give something away and you will feel better.

  10. Nice Piece of Work Post author

    Cathy, I don’t think you live in a bubble at all, I think you are extremely well-read and know exactly what’s going on in the outside world. Well, as much as anyone can. We all have to find things that help us get through every day. I have done quite a lot for charity recently (won’t give the details), and continue to. I’ve also given a lot of stuff away to people who need it. Again, details unnecessary. And you are right, it does help. Having been brought up as a Catholic, I learned that a feeling of self-gratification undermines the altruism, but – well, I’m now a practicing atheist so I need say no more about what I think of that ;) And before someone on the ethernet takes that comment as an insult, I’m not knocking anyone who is a Christian/Catholic, just saying that it isn’t for me. There is certainly peace to be found in a church, and often a wonderful and very important community spirit.
    It now seems likely that my covid test gave a false result. I have been really ill since Tuesday, and my neighbours and friends have had to go grocery shopping for me. My temperature was over 38, but it has come down a bit now. My GP phoned, said he though it might just be “ordinary” flu, and Karen fetched the goodie bag of meds for me from the pharmacy on Tuesday night and delivered them in the middle of a massive thunderstorm. I have all the symptoms of c-19 EXCEPT for the shortness of breath, so I am to stay home and rest. Our hospitals don’t have enough beds for us all anyway, because of you-know-who, so my home is my haven right now.
    I am lucky to have one. Not everyone does.


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