a walk in the park

Some more pics from my walk in Arderne Gardens on Wednesday.

Right under my nose on Main Road, Claremont; a few minutes away from my house.
Little path
Wildlife. Two Egyptian geese and evidence of a large warren of moles
Azaleas in bloom
Spotted by the guinea fowl family. They were hoping for some grub. Sorry, guys, next time.
A New Zealand oak. Catherine, I thought of you when I saw this tree.
Hmmmm interesting. Apart from the common name of this tree, which obviously hasn’t kept up to date with post-colonial rebranding, this might be a very useful and natural source of a poisonous substance should I ever need to get out my bow and arrow and use it against someone mean….
Part of a series of little ponds, usually filled with ducks and koi. The algae seems to have taken over for now.
Water almost completely stagnant.
I spotted a solitary duck on this part of the pond system, and no algae. Maybe it’s got something to do with the sunnier position.
Got the fright of my life and stopped me in my tracks with horror – I thought this was a gigantic spider balloon created by a colony of mutant golden orbs or giant wolf spiders. Turns out to have been part of an area of the park undergoing restoration, and the netting covers an ancient tree that collapsed into a pond. I’m terrified of all spiders and it took me a while to recover. A second coffee would have been helpful at this point.

Don’t let the lack of rain fool you. It was icy cold and I’d forgotten to wear gloves, so it was just too freezing for me to consider a bit of chameleon spotting (a necessarily slow-paced activity!)
Arderne Gardens is well-maintained by the municipality, and I chatted to about three permanent staff on my rounds. There are also now security guards at the entrances – they certainly weren’t there when I first moved to Cape Town, 35 years ago. I used to share digs in a large house on the other side of the park in those days and one of the ‘inmates’, Paul, liked to go jogging in the early evenings. He said his jogging turned into a very fast sprint if he ever decided to take his life in his hands and detour through the park!

18 thoughts on “a walk in the park

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Most definitely. Just two problems with that: (1) it was still morning so a bit too early to whip out the hip flask, and (2) we are having to endure yet another total ban on the sale of alcohol, so one’s stash of whiskey has to be very carefully monitored. I’m down to half a bottle of Famous Grouse, which my ex-husband found himself donating to me a couple of nights ago.

      1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

        I swopped it for some gin. I’ve gone off gin and wine (I have some wine here but that will be donated to a friend this weekend) but a whiskey at night (just one tot, you understand) helps me sleep. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Melvin lives 5 minutes away and we get on very well, all things considered ;)

  1. cedar51

    I was shocked too on the spider web tree – then decided it was possibly a sculpture – glad you recovered and real sorry that your gloves/mittens were forgotten. Gentle hugs

      1. cedar51

        yes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one, so checked for some other images and although there are some “images of them” here, I don’t remember seeing any … many trees are not even labelled here.
        I did see something we certainly don’t have here, “moles”

  2. Going Batty in Wales

    That looks a lovely place to walk. I thought the netting was some kind of art installation! of to stop birds stealing some special fruit. Another ban on alcohol sales seems a bit off! maybe we all ought to send you Red Cross parcels with miniatures of whisky smuggled in large fruit cakes! Cakes so well laced with whiskey themselves as to be drinkable you understand.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      It is the fourth ban since the end of March 2020. The wine industry is in ruins, as are restaurants and bars and liquor retailers. Many have been forced to close permanently, so there are now hundreds of thousands more unemployed people who can’t feed their families. The reasons that we have been given for these steps have nothing to do with covid but everything to do with inept government. Please send as many cakes as you can.

  3. Rainbow Junkie

    I too wondered about the name of the poison tree but whatever they show you in films, enlarging the photograph of the label just gave a blur. So I am glad you answered the same question above. I am fond of spiders but I think if I had thought the netting was a large web it would have freaked me out. Shame about the alcohol laws. When I saw the azaleas it made me think ‘Spring’ but of course it is winter for you now.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Still winter until end of August, but some flowers do pop up in the cooler months. My snowdrops are all open, as are the nasturtiums, and the jasmine is about to burst its buds. I chucked handfuls of purple poppy seeds around in May and, from the look of it, I should have a small meadow opening up soon….. There was also a beautiful open strelitzia in the park but I seem to have lost that pic. I have one in my back garden but it needed ruthless pruning recently, so I don’t think it will flower for me this year.


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