Getting the boot

My boots may not be the sexy, pointy-heeled kind that Nancy Sinatra wore in 1966, but they are very practical and also slightly too big for me so I can comfortably wear two pairs of tights and three pairs of socks underneath. Yes, it’s that cold in Cape Town this winter, I’ve never had to wear as many layers as I am now since I moved here 35 years ago. Last night I decided they were boring and, since I have surrounded myself with beads in the last few weeks, I felt sure I could come up with some kind of boot jewellery.

A lobster clasp, some colourful beads and 15 minutes later…

These are cheap boots. I also have a pair in black, as well as some handmade sheepskin-lined boots in turquoise and red leather (for my inner hippy), but one day – when my ship comes in (or even a raft, I’d settle for a plain wooden raft right now) – I’ll buy something smart in leather. I did splurge a couple of weeks ago on a pair of short boots from the UK that caught my magpie eye on Facebook marketplace – someone in Cape Town had asked her friend to get them for her on her travels (pre-covid) but then found they were too big so they are literally unworn. I’ve only worn them once so far, but I don’t keep them in the wardrobe: they occupy an empty spot under my desk where I can catch sight of them every now and then. I’ve updated my will so that whoever gets to deal with the arrangements will see that it is my wish to be buried in them.

I have “a thing” about wearing shoes/boots that are a single colour, but these babies caught me unawares and I stood no chance against temptation. Maybe my personal style is changing, as I get older? I’ll be 60 in three months’ time, perhaps I’m about to turn into a butterfly?

To end with, some gratuitous pictures of three things in the garden right now – a strelitzia about to open itself up, pockets of snowdrops, and some mutant lemons. It’s hard to tell from the photo but some of these weirdos are over 14cm long.

29 thoughts on “Getting the boot

  1. cedar51

    “When I grow old I will wear purple….” look it up I’m sure you new boots will fit the picture and poem real well. At first glance they look like a china vase that has been embellished by the owner!

    As for the bead accessorized pair, they are looking dandy as well…

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      The boot clip is removable so if I go off it it can easily be unclipped. I’ve been trying not to think of 60 as “old”, so I’m going to pretend that I haven’t in fact heard reference to this poem before. At the same time, contradictorily, I’ve stopped colouring my hair and am letting the grey grow out naturally. I’m about 40% grey and my mother, at 84 still with flaming red hair, is horrified beyond speech. If I’d known that was all it took to keep her quiet, I’d have done this years ago….

  2. Gail

    I just love love love your new boots – I have such boot envy. 60 is the new 40 and you are a gorgeous butterfly.

  3. Going Batty in Wales

    Those new boots are fabulous! And the beads make the sensible pair look much more fun. By the way 60 is not old! I know this because today is my 71st birthday and I AM NOT OLD!

  4. Rainbow Junkie

    What amazing wonderful boots and just so ‘you’. I understand what you mean about single colour shoes but maybe with plain colour trousers to show them off. And 60 is not old. I stopped colouring my hair at 72 because it was looking a bit dry and I am sure it is better and shinier for not being coloured.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      No, 59/60 isn’t old. I want to have a party this year – just to celebrate life and good friends and a lot of luck and having survived this dreadful time in recent history without going completely insane. There will be a few people I have loved that haven’t made it this far, and we can drink a toast to them as well :)

  5. tgonzales

    Oh my goodness, Jill. I can see why you purchased those colorful boots. If I saw them I would have to have them too. I don’t care how old we are (I will be 65 in December) Yikes! Love and Hugs, Tamara

  6. nanacathy2

    Boot jewellery is a wonderful idea, it will catch on. As to those new boots, wear them everywhere, don’t wait till they can go in the ground. 60 is the new 40!

  7. katechiconi

    Just gorgeous, ‘earrings’ for boots! Love your jazzy Socofys, my personal favourite pair is the one you see if you Google “Socofy Womens Retro Small Flowers’ (I’d put in a link but it’s enormous). I have a pair very similar, in burgundy suede, which I adore and cannot bear to get rid of despite the fact that I never, ever wear them…

  8. insearchofitall

    I’m finally getting back here. LOVE the boots!! If I was getting buried, I’d want to be wearing something like those boots too. I was so fashionable years ago. Now I’m just comfortable. I can’t tell you how many women I talked into letting their hair be natural and they were happier after. It softens your look and makes you more approachable. You made me laugh out loud with the comment about freaking your mother out with it. The beads clipped to the books makes them quite festive. I miss being able to wear boots. You aren’t old until you think you are.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Well, I don’t feel old, so that’s something. Those colourful boots are more comfortable than they look, especially with two pairs of warm socks, although I wouldn’t go for a long walk in them. To be honest, I don’t go for a long walk in anything because I don’t ever go for long walks.
      I’m having reservations about letting my grey grow out – the women I see on instagram who are so proudly letting their grey grow out are YOUNG, there’s a bit of difference between a 40-yr old looking glamorous with her smooth skin and gorgeous thick grey hair and eyelash extensions, and me. Perhaps it is more aging than I realise. Anyway, this is a first-world problem, I have other stuff to occupy my mind so it will stay as it is for now.
      Anything that renders my mother speechless is a precious topic to me, but I must take care not to overdo it – she might grow begin to grow less shocked and start giving her opinion.
      I have an arresting cherry-red loose fluffy jacket with a very wide fake-fur collar and furry cuffs. Her reaction the first time she saw me wearing it was classic. I just wish I’d had my phone on video record.


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