fabric bead necklace : make it yourself!

I’ve been quiet on social media lately, trying to cut down on the amount of time on which my brain is exposed to the world’s hogwash. It’s not all hogwash, I know, but I get sidetracked very easily so I try to stick to crochet pages and news sites (and have limited the latter to precisely two, because my view is that it’s almost impossible to tell who is telling the truth these days anyway). It’s all just become overwhelming and I’m sick of it.

I’ve been spending my creative time on fabric beads and crocheting another Granny Go Round jersey, and trying to get back into my books in the evenings instead of too much netflix or britbox (although I have to say I’m hooked right now on The Bay – those west Lancashire accents take me right back! I love them).

And I’ve also spent some time writing up a tutorial on making fabric beads from straws and using them in a necklace. It’s available on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1115954156 and is priced at US$4 (the equivalent of South African R65). My friend Kathryn proofed it for me and made some very useful suggestions. I make these beads all the time now and find it both enjoyable and relaxing, and of course it’s a brilliant stashbuster for fabric scraps as well as threads.

I’d be delighted if you took a look :)


27 thoughts on “fabric bead necklace : make it yourself!

      1. katechiconi

        I got a little closer today, auditioning fabrics for the big ‘beads’ and sorting out some smaller glass beads for the rest. If I’m honest, I’m putting off quilting Hopscotch, which I’m totally not in the mood for!

      1. DawnGillDesigns

        lol. I’ve been busy, busy, and only just spotted this message, but there’s not one awaiting me on Rav. and when I just searched for you as Nice Piece Of Work or Jill Golberg no one came up. I’m @DawnGillDesigns there too, I’ll try and find a way to send you a link, I can’t find one at the moment, but it can’t be impossible, can it?!

      1. Linne

        Thank you! I’ll let you know once I have something done; I’ve been stuck for a while and not creating, while a few projects sit glowering at me sullenly . . .
        I do happen to have quite a few plastic straws saved up, because, you know . . .

  1. cedar51

    Jill, well here I am, and I’ve no idea how my blog reading has got out of the box and forgetting my friends who faithfully come to mine and comment.
    Your necklaces look intriguing – I have a whole lot of “cup cake sticks” which I got to do with Bohemian bead making for when making books. But for some reason never got “around2it”.
    I too have found the “virus news” disheartening and I was just thinking that when it was all the “rage” I would be glued to our daily live updates but now, I just look at 2 online news stands and then wonder afterwards what happened to “other news”

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Oh there is plenty of other “news” out there as well – I also need a break from that %@#* from time to time. That is one of the reasons I like to work with my hands and fiddle around in the garden. Helps me become more detached which, sometimes, is essential (for me, anyway).


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