ScrapHappy July 2022

A billion buttons and what to do with them all…? Some match, some don’t. I prefer it when things don’t. I don’t do matching very well and I wasn’t about to waste my time sorting them all out.
I’d seen a friend with a simple multi-coloured wrap-around necklace with little buttons hanging off it; it was very striking and looked easy enough to make. I decided to use only transparent glass beads so the buttons would be more prominent. I’d also planned to make it long enough to wrap round three times but I got the measurements wrong so I get four wraps out of it!

I hope the close-ups make it clear how to get the buttons to hang loose – in case anyone else who’s been hoarding buttons wants to try their hand.

Apologies for the lousy pics, we aren’t getting much natural light this winter. But soon, soon….it will be spring :)


23 thoughts on “ScrapHappy July 2022

      1. katechiconi

        You probably could, but the postage might well be silly money. I’ve yet to assess my buttons and decide what colour would set them off best.

  1. insearchofitall

    I didn’t get a chance to leave a comment earlier. ADD in full swing here.That’s a lovely way to use buttons and have them be the prominent focus. I have many buttons too. I’ve been thinking about what to do with them as well. You do have some great ideas.

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Sorry to hear that, Catherine, but I like the word “recovering”! I haven’t been reading any blog posts myself lately but trying to catch up….
      Take it easy, get lots of rest xx

  2. Linne

    I love buttons, esp old ones, so it was lovely to see what you’ve been doing with yours. Have you considered a ‘button jacket’ like the ones from London Cockneys? I think those were back in the 1800s . . .

    I’m happy to see you planning for when you’re 150! Me, too!! I might be done by then, but first I need to stop (A) learning new skills & techniques and (B) finish my WIPs. Also, maybe, (C) stop buying tools, supplies and patterns . . .

    In the meantime, I still have my eye on some of your works, as I find you are so inspiring . . .

    Hope you continue to do well and your weather is behaving. ~ Linne

    1. Nice Piece of Work Post author

      Hello dear Linne! I like using up things that have been hanging around for years, and the button necklaces are relaxing to make. People like you and me will ALWAYS have too much in the way of craft/sewing supplies – and I don’t think we should castigate ourselves for it. Because one wakes up never knowing which creative urge will need to be satisfied on a particular day! xxx

      1. Linne

        That was just what I needed to hear today! Thanks so much, Jill. In my dream home, I have a large working room / studio with many areas blocked out. Each has projects and all the necessaries. I can go in after my morning chores, decide what I want to work on and set to . . .

        In reality, I have enough supplies to keep me for many years . . . you won’t be alone at 150, I promise! And yet, I very recently bought a needle felting pillow (I already had some needles, two bags of supplies and a file box of raw wool . . . And then I found a book online with smocking designs at a price I couldn’t resist. Lucky for me, a friend gave me two gift certificates to FabricLand (the only fabric chain still happening up here) and now I have a half-metre each of red, purple and black small gingham checked cotton. And a few other fabrics . . . In my storage are so many bags and boxes of yarn that needs to be used up, more fabrics, paints of all sorts, mask-making supplies, some unfinished masks, including a four foot circle with three masks that look like they are pushing out from inside . . . several unfinished shawls, including one I designed called The Secret Garden . . . and more! I wish I lived down the street from you and we could share the joy of our stashes. I know you’d inspire me to do more as well as try new ideas.

        Oh, I bought embroidery threads, too, so I can return to a craft I learned decades ago (now called “Chicken Scratch” embroidery; we called it something else at the time).

        I love every time you talk about your own stashes . . . so many people I know just don’t get it . . .

        Thanks agian; hope to see you here again soon. ~ Linne

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