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ring meets nails

I’m not usually one for matching accessories or anything, but I am enjoying the way that my new button ring from Megan picks up my blue sparkly nails! Blue is my new black.

To be continued…



With friends like ours…

…Jam Tarts will be a great success! Hoo ha.

It was hard work, a bit of stress, a lot of tidying up (thank you Karen and family), some biscuit making (thank you Lyndall), some moving and lifting and arranging (thank you Rob and Ant), and a lot of encouragement from a lot of friends. Thank you so much – for liking what we make, for pitching up to show your support, and for buying stuff. Please don’t stop :)

I took a few photos.

Here are some frames, and that’s Anne behind the glass with her arms full of blankets:

more frames and mirrors (South African readers will recognise the old burglar bars now cunningly put to new use – what South African doesn’t have a whole stack of old rusty ones in their garage…!!):

blankets and bags and scarves:

more blankets and bags and scarves:

table mats, button jewellery, paper hearts, blankets and beanies:

more frames (and Anne’s mug of half-drunk tea), and more blankets:

tea cosies, shrugs, blankets (no, really?) and crucifixes:

Dawn models her new flower scarf – hot off Anne’s hook:

Every single visitor commented on Karen and Ant’s beautiful Victorian
house. It was the perfect venue. It was the perfect day.  We think we might be onto a good thing. Like I said earlier, hoo ha.

To be continued…

Up before the birds

It’s not often that I get up this early, but today I was wide awake a good hour before my alarm was due to go off.  The cats were very pleased, anyway, because it meant they got an early breakfast without having to go to all the effort of yowling in my ear (Choccie) and kneading my inert body (Jessie).

I’ve been working on this round mirror for a while now, starting with modelling the hearts out of clay (weeks and weeks ago already) and treating them with podge and paint. Finally got to the first grouting stage last night, and now it’s time to rub and rub and see if the design comes together even vaguely how I had imagined it.  I wanted big fat gleaming hearts and sparkly silver bits and broken mirror to catch the light.  Getting there rub rub rub

To be continued…

desperately seeking Lorna

Have you ever done this – gone to a market Just To Look? with the intention of Not Spending Any Money At All? just to check out What Other People Are Up To?  Me neither.

At Kirstenbosch market last Sunday I found someone I feel I’ve been looking for for a long time without really knowing it. Lorna of Balela Buttons makes the most exquisite ceramic buttons, mosaic inserts, jewellery, mobiles, brooches… you name it. Delicate, fragile, beautifully painted with a deceptively simple style. I managed to not spend all my cash with her in one go, although the temptation was there.  I’m going to put these two hearts on silk ribbon and wear them. The daisies will form part of one of the mosaics currently in progress, and the pansy is just because it’s a pansy.

The silly thing was that, even though I was so excited to find these treasures and got Lorna’s contact details on a piece of card, I managed to mislay the card between the trip to the market and the time I got home to unpack my prizes. (Yes, there were others. See pink ring below for one).

That afternoon I met my writers group at Cubana and mentioned Lorna to Fiona who, serendipitously, knew exactly who I was talking about.  Actually, I think my friend Vxxxxx might have some of her buttons, she said, and lo and behold, a couple of hours later she mailed me with Lorna’s phone number. Happiness!

Lorna has a blog, balelabuttons at blogspot. You’ll find me there, too, having a good look around:)

To be continued…


&^*%$!%*^& buttonhole

For once I thought I’d use a button for the purpose it was originally intended. And if using a buttonhole foot on a sewing machine is supposed to be like riding a bicycle, I am now cruelly reminded that I never actually learned to ride a bike in the first place. 

I just can’t get it right. And I’ve googled tutorials, but none of them are for my particular machine and foot combo. And No, I can’t find the manual and Yes, I have searched high and low. It has vanished.

Now, where are those *(%)#@&^5* press-studs?  

To be continued…



Angry cloths and more buttons than you can count

There is only one place to go in Cape Town for buttons. It’s called Kwaai Lappies, which is Afrikaans for Angry Cloths (literally) or Cool Clothes (slang).  It’s hard to get out once you’re in because your eye is constantly drawn by something you didn’t see before and probably just have to have. You aren’t necessarily sure why, but you’ll definitely be able to use it for something at some point, right? They have more stuff than you can dream of, and plenty you didn’t. I got buttons, buckles, fabric flowers and beads.  I also got a bad attitude from the saleswoman, who was not pleased that she had to count all the buttons I wanted. I don’t buy them in fives or tens, you see, I just take the whole tub (and there were a lot of tubs). I could have been helpful and suggest that she count out 20, weigh them, and then weigh the whole lot and work out the price that way. But she was too rude to take advice from me, so I waited in an attitude of humble apology while she made a meal of it. 

Maybe she was just having a bad day and it’s over now. I really hope so because, funnily enough, I have to go back there later this morning. I just realised I need more stuff.

To be continued…