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a win-win situation

Two wins to report today:

1. The winner of the Jam Tarts give-away is Mj Hanley-Goff, all the way away in Washington in the Yoo-nited States! Mj is a writer and traveller and mom, and earlier this year she brought her 16-year old daughter to visit South Africa and see what we’re all about over here.

2. The other win is a mention that we got in the July issue of the Ideas magazine: just a teeny one but, hey, every bit helps. (Plus they included a really nice pic of one of my mirrors).

To be continued…



My competitive spirit

The deadline was midnight. I had managed to send in five entries for the Celebrating Creativity competition, and was feeling pretty chuffed with myself. I enjoyed compiling the tutorials and playing around with ideas (not to mention wool, beads, glue, buttons, glass, wood, foam, etc…) so just the doing of it all is a winning thing for me.  I think I will go on to develop all those new ideas into new items for the Jam Tarts range. They are:

1. the heart decoration

2. the mosaic mirror and stand

3. the lampshade with flowers

4. the knangles (!) (sounds like something Roald Dahl might have dreamed up)

5. the footstool cum storage box: (much more about this one later)

and then, at the 11th hour, I had the idea of making a crochet chain rope necklace and adding beads, so we have Entry #6:

And if you roll it up even more, it works as a bracelet!

Who knew I was so competitive?! If anyone would like a copy of the tutorial for any of these items, send me your email address and I’ll send you the word doc with pleasure.

To be continued…