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Cabled Golf Cap for Men by moogly

I really like the look of this cap, from moogly. She recently sized up the pattern so it would fit adults.

moogly golf

So I made one. But it came out waaaaa-haaa-aaayyyy too big.  I should have realised the elephant-ness when I was more than halfway through…at this point it already weighed nearly 200g !

golf cap men

golf cap 2  golf cap 3

But, hey, who’s not to say some guy with a really enormous head is going to come along and want just this thing? :-)

52 hours of train

So, Karen and I did the train thing to Johannesburg and back a couple of weeks ago. It’s 26 hours one way (from Cape Town, remember!) People said, “Are you insane? Why don’t you just hop on a plane?”, but we knew better.  We knew better because we’d made the same trip about 15 years ago, when we had small children and husbands and unpleasant jobs. That trip gave us uninterrupted peace and quiet, and ever since our code phrase for “my children are driving me mad” or “I never want to lay eyes on my husband again” or “what a foul day at work” or “the next person who asks me what’s for supper will get punched in the face”, has been “I wish I was on that _______ train….”


So we did it again.

It was fabulous. Even better than the first time.

Karen packed a massive hamper full of good food and coffee, enough to feed the entire train. We had books, music, phones, ipads, and crochet, but mainly we relaxed. Karen spent most of her time relaxing, actually, relaxing and looking out the window and resting and sleeping and dozing and reading and napping. And a small amount of crochet.

After my first big rest, I was happy to get some serious work done. We can’t all have a salaried job, after all!

I made nine hats. I cheated a bit because I didn’t use any patterns, so they went pretty quickly. The one with the five horns is my favourite.

train hat 6 train hat 2 train hat 3 train hat 4 train hat 5

I need to do a proper stock-take tomorrow, my market bags have got all mixed up and I don’t know how many hats are in each one. It could go one of two ways — bad, or very bad.

pixie hats

A while back I made a pixie hat:
blue pixie 1

It came with me to a lot of markets but no-one liked it enough to buy it. Until last Saturday, when a woman came along, grabbed it, stuck on her sister’s head and said Right, this is yours. And could I please order one for my son?  I’ve just finished his:

new pixie 2         new pixie 3 new pixie 5

Despite all the things I crochet from patterns, this is my favourite thing of all – to just make something up as I go along, changing colours and thicknesses, adding in a row of popcorns here and there, and doing some wiggly beady bits on the top to finish it off.  This way, nothing can ever turn out wrong !!!

knight fever

I was asked to make a medieval knight’s helmet for someone’s boyfriend. Always (okay, sometimes) up for a challenge, I am actually very pleased with the result.

helmet 3

helmet 2        helmet 1

It’s hard to get a good enough selfie so that you can see the back, but on the other hand you can’t see my bed hair which is a good thing.

I worked from the pattern at, making a few changes here and there.

helmet pic

All this took me straight to John Travolta, of course. My oh my he sure was cool back in the day…

john t

Have a quick watch – let’s make it a Bee Gees kind of day.


I met Abigail last week. She’s 4 and lives in Sedgefield, where Rob and I were holidaying. She and her dad joined us for a braai one evening and, while the guys were tending the meat and making sure the beers were the right temperature of cold, Abi and I took a short drive into the village.

She found a pack of fruity chewing gum in the cubby hole, with four left inside. Can I have one, please? she asked. Sure, I said, have two if you like. So she had three, then closed the little envelope. Then she immediately opened it again and said Oh there’s only one left now. I think I’ll have to give it to me.

She came to visit me at the market on Saturday morning, and I said she could pick whichever hat she liked best. Seems she’s a Hello Kitty girl.