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Getting the boot(s)

For months I have been promising myself a pair of decent leather boots for winter 2012.  Yesterday afternoon, banging away on a very dull project at work, I suddenly realised that it’s the end of March already – being a size 6, like almost every other woman in the western world, means that my size in new ranges is sold out fastest.  Time to move my ass. Shake a leg, as it were.

Did just that. Flew to Cavendish as the clock struck 5, found a parking right outside (that never happens, right?), blazed through 3 shoe shops like a possessed person, and found My Boots in the fourth.  Perfect heel, perfect colour, just the right number of buckles.  And costing R600 less than I had expected to pay, what a win!  

Wait – this is my craft blog – why am I rambling on about boots? Oh yes, because on my way out of the mall, flushed and tired yet triumphant, I spotted the refurbished semi-yarn-bombed dustbins.  Clever, I thought to myself, a subtle way of getting consumers to think about winter approaching and all the warm cosy stuff they’re going to need. Either that or more skinny legwarmers than they know what to do with!

To be continued…



mini needlepoint gallery

Wow, I’ve never published a gallery before, that was quite cool! Reason I did, I got a phone call yesterday out of the blue from someone who used to give embroidery lessons in my old shop. She has a friend who wants to make a needlepoint cushion but only likes African designs and can’t find one anywhere. Since designing and painting canvases used to be my favourite thing to do, Jane thought of me. Her phone call led me to scuffle through the boxes of stuff in my garage, where I found three canvases that her pal might like. I’m not sure what I’d saved them for, perhaps I thought I might take needlepoint up again some day – but it’s been over 7 years and I haven’t felt the urge yet! I did so much in the past that I’m completely stitched out.

Anyhow, after finding the canvases, I embarked on a long walk down memory lane.  I dug out the finished cushions I’d made; they used to live on an old oak bench in the shop, all 24 or 25 of them, to inspire my customers. Here are some pictures, not great quality, but you get the idea.

So, what I’m now wondering is – are there still lots of people out there still needlepointing away (despite the high cost of the tapestry wool)? I had a look for handpainted canvases on Etsy, and there is very little available (that isn’t ribboned lavender posies and bluebells, at least) . Might it be time for me to look for my paints and brushes and stencils again…? Any comments from you crafty lot?

To be continued…