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on the hunt for…


I found this hair pin yesterday at Mama’s Wool and Habby in Diep River, when I went to stock up on my supply of Vinni’s cottons. I guess it’s a hair accessory for brides or their maids, as it’s a frothy white rose with a rhinestone in the middle of the bud. (And no, I’m not getting married again — even if I was, I am unlikely to do it in white froth. When I got married for the first time I wore jeans and boots, although I did buy a new gold chain belt, which I thought was plenty dressy enough).

I digress. I want to get my hands on some hair pins like this, but haven’t seen them anywhere. I trawled six billion items on etsy last night, and still no luck. What I like is the flat disc welded to the turn at the top.  I hope this pic shows it well enough:

The disc (disk?) <I must look that up> is at right angles to the pin and not flat against it. If anyone knows where these are to be had, well, you know how to contact me. Thanks :)

To be continued… 



Bling it on

On Sunday we were scheduled to meet London friends Fiona, Joydeep and the boys at Kirstenbosch to watch the Parlotones at 5.30pm. It was the last of the summer sunset concerts but the beginning of autumn had scheduled itself as well, and the place was a blur of umbrellas, hoods, black bags, plastic covers and ground sheets as hundreds of people stoically refused to let the pouring rain drive them away.

We stuck it out til about 6.50pm, by which time our sodden clothes felt like they were beginning to ice up, and the woman next to Rob was poking people’s eyes out with a massive garden umbrella as she did a kind of wild sway to the music.

So, despite the fact that I love the Parlotones, the concert was a bit of a misery! We had barely been able to have a proper chat, and our little cheese and onion rolls stayed sadly in their tupperware. We trudged down the road (river) to our cars, thinking of hot showers and dry pyjamas and food, and trying to keep the two young Ghoshs on the shoulder and out of the way of passing cars.  And then – the whole point of this blog – Fiona fished out a small package addressed to me from her boot.  My first Etsy purchase. It is a one of Amy’s (Velvetcoco) gorgeous sparkly hearts, and since it comes from Bristol I’d asked her to post it to Alex in London instead of to me here in Cape Town. Not sure why, now that I think about it, but anyway. 

And then, yesterday, the sun came out and I wore my heart.  I feel like I’ve waited a long time for this heart, and now it needs to inspire me to find my own sparkle. Nothing like a bit of bling to lift the spirits :)

To be continued…