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Open Day #2

Attention please! Aandag asseblief!

Jam Tarts is partnering with Gift Gardens to bring you an Open Day you will never forget!

I wrote about GiftGardens recently, the “growing” business that Mary Berry and Jane Butters started. They have a stunning range of plants, bonsai and garden goodies that will blow your mind. Check out their “blooming” website.


I also wrote about Jane’s house recently. This is the venue for the Open Day. We have made a list of all the things that Jane’s husband Craig needs to attend to, to ensure that everything is perfect for us (front garden – weed; front door – fix the scratch marks that the dog made; entrance hall – polish the tiles; etc.) Maybe we can also get him to bake us some treats…?!

Diarise the date now – Saturday 4 August 2012 – and I’ll continue with reminders and more information between now and then.

To be continued…



ground work

Today was a perfect day for working in the garden. Here is what it looked like at 6.30am:

And then by 3.00 pm:

I certainly won’t pretend that I did it all myself, but never underestimate the importance of knowing how to delegate :)

I have some mosaic stars hanging off the edge of my patio roof. I made the blue one, and Alex made the Bob Marley one with beer bottle tops. They’ve been up for about three years now, and so far Cape Town’s hot summers and wet winters have done them no harm.

To be continued…