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a wonderful saturday after all

Our Constantia Open Day was — exhausting, wonderful, and best of all worthwhile! Even the sun came out for us. Megan’s original illustrations were the biggest hit of the day, and she sold thousands of cards and notebooks. Jane and Mary provided home-baked choc chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes, which were so good they have been commissioned to provide the treats for a Womens’ Day lunch late this week. An interesting offshoot!

Some pics in slideshot format for speed:

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I would highly recommend holding regular Open Days for small, growing businesses like ours because they are an excellent medium for showcasing concepts and getting feedback (with minimal cash outlay). What might seem like a genius item when you first produce it at home late one night might not actually appeal to Real People at all – and things that you don’t think will sell can surprise you. It’s damn hard to know what people want!

Jam Tarts is grateful to Jane and Craig Butters for the use of their house and garden. Thanks, guys. (Same time next month?) (and Craig, thanks for ordering a knitted warmer for a certain part of your body, I’ll get onto it right away and will be sure to make it XXL).

To be continued…

home work

Only 6 more sleeps until our Open Day [for those of you in Cape Town, it’s at 3 Leith Road, Constantia, from 10h00 to 15h00 this coming Saturday 4 August.]

We have lots of gorgeous new crochet-y things to put on show, and Megan has been busy with her unique illustrations and cards.

We are working with another local business Gift Gardens on this one, so even if you aren’t into mosaics and blankets and footstools, you can pick up beautiful and useful things for your garden – plants, herbs, flowers, pots, fairy lights, solar lamps, sky rockets, gardening gloves…

Today the mini mosaic mirrors I’ve been busy with are getting their final touches. In my kitchen. No room anywhere else. No space to cook supper. Oh, what a shame. (McDonald’s, anyone?)

To be continued…

Open Day #2

Attention please! Aandag asseblief!

Jam Tarts is partnering with Gift Gardens to bring you an Open Day you will never forget!

I wrote about GiftGardens recently, the “growing” business that Mary Berry and Jane Butters started. They have a stunning range of plants, bonsai and garden goodies that will blow your mind. Check out their “blooming” website.


I also wrote about Jane’s house recently. This is the venue for the Open Day. We have made a list of all the things that Jane’s husband Craig needs to attend to, to ensure that everything is perfect for us (front garden – weed; front door – fix the scratch marks that the dog made; entrance hall – polish the tiles; etc.) Maybe we can also get him to bake us some treats…?!

Diarise the date now – Saturday 4 August 2012 – and I’ll continue with reminders and more information between now and then.

To be continued…