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on the hunt for…


I found this hair pin yesterday at Mama’s Wool and Habby in Diep River, when I went to stock up on my supply of Vinni’s cottons. I guess it’s a hair accessory for brides or their maids, as it’s a frothy white rose with a rhinestone in the middle of the bud. (And no, I’m not getting married again — even if I was, I am unlikely to do it in white froth. When I got married for the first time I wore jeans and boots, although I did buy a new gold chain belt, which I thought was plenty dressy enough).

I digress. I want to get my hands on some hair pins like this, but haven’t seen them anywhere. I trawled six billion items on etsy last night, and still no luck. What I like is the flat disc welded to the turn at the top.  I hope this pic shows it well enough:

The disc (disk?) <I must look that up> is at right angles to the pin and not flat against it. If anyone knows where these are to be had, well, you know how to contact me. Thanks :)

To be continued…