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next adventure

Well hello, strangers! I’m still on Planet Stitch’nMake despite my lack of posts in recent weeks. I know you all know how that goes.

Tomorrow, bright and early, my new ‘big car’ and the trailer we’ve borrowed from Mark will be all packed and ready to go to the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn, from 24 to 30 March. ┬áToday will be last-minute preparations and lots of tidying-up. There will be a frantic search for long-life batteries and mobile wifi chargers. Tempers may fray. There may be raised voices. Backs will ache. The tumble drier will work overtime. The faster I run around, the more the cats will get underfoot.

—– and that’s as far as I got with that post…

KKnK was hectic! I have never ever experienced such a continuous stream of people passing my stall, and there was little time for anything but business, fudge-tasting and a bit of networking. Which is as it should be, yay yay yay, but still – totally exhausting! We’d close up at 6pm, stop for groceries on the way home, then I would collapse in a heap while Rob repaired to the local pub. Sometimes he would braai and then I’d eat cold chops for breakfast. Carol and I only managed one photo, having our coffee before the rush on Day 2:

coffee with carol

We got home last Thursday evening. Friday was unpack-and-catch-up day, and Saturday was the annual Harfield Carnival. Very successful day, and as always well-managed by the organisers, with massive crowds:

harfield 1

Since Saturday, I have found that my energy levels have dropped pretty low. No surprise there. I’m making time this week for personal matters, reading and crochet — otherwise something’s gonna give!!!