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closed for business

It’s depressingly quiet out there. Very little traffic on the main roads and highways, a restaurant with only three tables in it last night, empty school grounds, and all events cancelled. Including the craft markets, which are my main source of income. Fun times.

I have no time for people who panic and, even if I was selfish enough to want to stockpile toilet paper and tins of sweetcorn, I wouldn’t have room for it all – my fabric and sewing stuff will always have priority. The regulations in South Africa about what to do and not do are very clear, and are in line with international best practice. If everyone accepts them for the time being, that’s the best we can hope for right now. I also have no time for conspiracy mongers or prophets of doom.

Talking about doom….I spotted these in the gift section of my local nursery last week. Rather ironic and incongruous items to have displayed on the shelves, I thought. And no, they didn’t come home with me.


Take care, everyone. And if you feel like watching President Cyril Ramaphosa demonstrate the elbow greeting, have a squizz here or here.


My recent post from facebook, for my bloggy and/or non-facebook friends, in case you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately.


Treasure the time you have with the people you love, those memories will help to sustain you through your grief. xxx


still afloat

Hardly a decent post from me today, but here is my stall at the Made in the Cape artisan market: I’m only there in spirit, Genevieve has managed to keep the ship (raft?) afloat for me with help from Theresa, Mary, Jasmine and Dale. Thank you so much, lovely ladies.

made in cape

Today is the Market’s last day, so I won’t have to worry about having to be away from home for the next few weeks. At home and on hand is the new normal. Now I have no excuse not to learn to make more interesting food than peanut butter on toast…. I try and keep up with my dear bloggy friends, but even if I don’t leave a comment please know I’m still here. xxx

garage sale

It was my mother’s idea, to get rid of surplus. It’s scheduled for Saturday morning (when I’m conveniently not here), and she’s roped in help from Andre and Coralee-Ann so I’m staying out of it completely. I didn’t even think it was a particularly good idea at first, not realising quite how much unnecessary STUFF she has. But as I’ve seen the pile growing in the lounge, I’ve started to come round – and have even been adding to it myself. With increasing abandon, I have to be honest. It’s a bit addictive, actually, looking at something and thinking, “When did I last use this?” or “Where did this come from?” or even “What the hell is this thing?

garage sale

What have I been contributing? … clothes, books, a set of ceramic bowls given to me by an aunt I could never stand, a wrought-iron fish-shaped plant pot holder that I found at a junk shop and thought would be just the thing, handbags I’ll never use again, chipped and unchipped tea pots (I don’t drink tea), candle holders, side tables, pots and pans and flan dishes…the list goes on. It’s too good an opportunity to unburden myself before packing up and moving house at the end of May!

A couple of conversations have run along these lines: “Wait, what’s that grey furry thing?” “It’s a hooded poncho, I offered it to Karen but she didn’t want it“. “Well, I’m not Karen and I do want it. Thanks“. And then, “Do you really not want your braai?” “No, Philip has one just the same so we don’t need two.” “Maybe I should keep it then…” “Mom, you’ve never used a braai and you don’t even eat meat.”  “I know, but it’s just that I don’t have one…

Here’s to an emptier house, tidier cupboards, and a little bit of cash :)

considering options

After weeks of ghastly sorting, my lounge, dining room, work rooms and bathroom all look much more like the kind of rooms that human beings can actually live in :)

new 1

new 2

The lounge still has to accommodate (for now) my market display stuff and all my stock, but it’s a big room (originally two separate rooms) plus there are two large items of furniture in it that are not mine – they will soon be leaving the building, so to speak, and then there will be more space.

My bedroom still has crap in boxes under the bed and containers of fabric and beads, but that is the last stop; the deadline for that is Sunday. The jacuzzi bath is now empty and may be replaced with a shower – why replace it at all if the house is going on the market, you may ask? Well…another option has been proposed to me recently, and I have been giving it serious consideration (with the help of my accountant and an objective adviser). It is an option that affects more than just my financial position so I must think carefully and honestly about myself and what works for me. I’m still keeping an eye on houses for sale in beautiful little towns outside Cape Town, but am very happy to have a viable alternative to work with – not to mention the lovely man in my life who came up with the idea :)

It’s going to be a good day. I have etsy orders to get to the post office, six heart cushions to finish in time for Saturday’s market, a kitten to play with, and a date for dinner at my new favourite Italian restaurant. Here’s to good days – may you all have one, too, and many many more.

and yet more changes #3

Friday. Official Office Sort-Out Day. The ‘before’ state of things:



Yes, it really was that bad. What I have achieved after two days is not 100% yet but it’s a damn good start – considering that I also fitted in a long coffee-break with a friend, a dinner and theatre date last night, packing the car for tomorrow’s market, and getting a large order ready for a new supplier yesterday on about one hour’s notice. And the temperature was in the mid-30s — nearly %#@* killed me…but boy oh boy, did I sleep like a baby!

after 2

I am giving myself a big pat on the back right now. Sorting and tidying will recommence on Sunday, all being well.

Happy weekend, everyone :)

and yet more changes #2

Remember that pigsty pandemonium I showed you last time? My tv lounge? Here it is now with a fresh coat of paint on the floor, all the useful stuff sent to the charity shop and the useless crap sent to the bin. The floor is still wet so I couldn’t get any further in than the doorway to take this pic. Progress, my friends, progress!


And then, taking a step backwards…because that is what I do so well…here is my new art deco oak server, collected a couple of hours ago from friends in Woodstock who are trying to streamline their interior decor. I know it seems like beyond stupid to acquire a new piece of furniture when I’m going to move in the next few weeks, (a) they were desperate to get rid of it, and I like to help my pals; (b) they refused to let me pay, and (c) I really love it. What’s not to like?


It will stay in the dining room for the meantime, and get moved to the tv lounge when the floor is dry.

Today is Office Sort-Out day. Before and after pics tomorrow. A luta continua