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and this little piggie went to market – again…

This December festive season has really wiped me out – and we still have four more markets to go!

Despite mixed reaction to my memory shade, I still love it and think the idea has potential. I concocted this today and will be taking it to the Rondebosch Market tomorrow to judge the response from objective strangers. Must remember to put my hard hat on.


And it’s official – the Western Cape is in the middle of a heatwave, so I need no excuse to rub myself with ice cubes and then lie immobile in a cool room. It’s brain-fogging heat.

To be continued…


I just want to…

…make beautiful things even if nobody cares.

I love this fridge magnet – hope you can see it amongst the junk on my fridge! It was a gift from Fabulaura at the Rondebosch Craft Market last week – not sure what I did to deserve it, but I’m not complaining. She makes a wonderful range of fabulous, funny and clever fridge magnets (and other stuff). Another one she had that sticks in my memory is “You are my favourite husband”.

To be continued…

Rondebosch Market October 2012

Jam Tarts was at Rondebosch Market yesterday. It was evident that people are starting to buy presents for Christmas and others have an end-of-year overseas trip planned, so they can buy items that are winter-friendly.

A friend of Rob’s passed on a couple of body hangers which are wonderful for displaying shawls. Only thing is (and a couple of people commented on this as well), I think they’ll look better with knickers. What do you think?

And a happy ending for the first mirror I made with broken crockery:

To be continued…

Rondebosch Craft Market 22 September

Some photos of our morning at Rondebosch Craft in the Park yesterday, including Laura from Fabulaura with her stunning beads and bows, Barry from Portsmouth with his wonderful wooden goodies, beautiful African dolls, baskets from Bali, Megan and most huggable father-in-law Donny, the hat lady, the bike man and his handmade trailer, and of course the always effervescent Anne and Jill. Just a happy accident that we were in team colours!

By lunchtime, the skies were greying over and the wind started to pick up. Some of Laura’s display stands got blown over and, as we scrabbled on the ground picking everything up, she said, “Ah, the joys of being an informal trader…but at least it’s better than selling at the robots.”

Happy Sunday, everyone, and happy long weekend to the South Africans! (Tomorrow is Heritage Day).

To be continued…

Abba and two chameleons

There’s a new Chinese shop in Rondebosch, where the Bead Shop used to be and, before that, Fountain Framers.  And for entirely obvious reasons, it’s called Mama Mia.

Of course I had to go in and investigate. They were still packing shelves and putting things up on the walls. A tiny Chinese woman was sitting on top of some boxes swinging her tiny legs in time to an Abba song, while a tiny Chinese man staggered in and out between the shop and a truck parked on the pavement outside under the weight of a lot more boxes. This boded very well for me (as in, what goodies could be in all those boxes?) but perhaps not so well for the little wife, whose husband grunted and shot resentful looks her way while she rested and hummed.

I contained myself well and only made two purchases.  The first was a box of plasters, and only because I couldn’t resist the name and the packaging:

“skin colour”?  Hello…..this is South Africa! If you are one of the more than 45 million South Africans who does not have skin the colour of the hand on the box, then it’s not actually skin colour at all, is it? It’s just a very hideous dark salmon colour, so that is what the stupid box should say – “hideous salmon colour”.

Moving on.  I also bought a sweet little glass salt and pepper set, and last night I crocheted cosies for them.

Vinni’s DK cotton, a 3mm hook, 24 chain in a ring, 5 rows of treble clusters and one row of dc at the top, decreasing 3 in the row.  I’m rather proud of them, I think they turned out well. I suppose I could have got fancier and used more colours but I didn’t feel up to weaving in a lot of ends on something so tiny.

In the afternoon, my neighbour, Isabella, popped over to give me some advice on my garden, which really needs a new image.  While we were talking, we noticed these two beautiful boys getting all excited about the warm summer weather and the advent of newly hatched bugs.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

To be continued…