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Testing testing ShopLocket 1…2…3…

Two evenings ago I read Amanda’s blog post about ShopLocket. The little smous in my head elbowed me and said, Hey, this looks cool, let’s investigate!

[* smous = Afrikaans word for hawker, pedlar, trader]

Sometimes I’m a bit slow when it comes to new technical things but I generally get there in the end. While I was still mulling over the possibilities of ShopLocket, a mail popped up in my inbox from a chap called Dan Kalmar who is the product’s Community Manager in Canada. This impressed me no end. How the hell did he know I was alive and even at my pc, let alone frolicking around on his app? Oh to be a software engineer…

Anyway, this is how far I’ve got: I’ve got the ShopLocket link on the Jam Tarts facebook page:

and this is my first ShopLocket product: salt and pepper set

It turns out that what they say is true:
1. it is really really easy to get one of your items up and out there in the ShopLocket format
2. it doesn’t cost anything until you sell the item (and that fee is as reasonable as any other online marketplace)
3. the tutorials on YouTube are easy to follow
4. they have the financial/payment side of things all worked out (streamlined with PayPal)
5. the staff are real people who actually respond to your queries.

I really like that you can position your ad directly and strategically where you want it, as opposed to the potential customer having to wade through a million ads for similar items in a huge online shop.

The only slight drawback for me is that WordPress dot com blogs and ShopLocket don’t go together. With facebook, websites and other blogging platforms, the ShopLocket ad gets embedded into the code, but with a wordpress dot com blog, you either have to post individual links to the item/s on your blog posts (which is what I did above), or host the WordPress blog elsewhere (and I’m not keen to get into new hosting issues right now).

I’m keen to know what you all think about this – have any of you tried it? I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I’ll give this some time to bake and get my custard ready in the meantime.

OK, next ShopLocket ad coming up. But first, more coffee. Oh, and the bikini top. More about that tomorrow.

To be continued…