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I need a man (part 2)

More experimenting with slippers for men:

slippers man

Going for a tweed look now, with natural and a dark grey cotton combined. Higher at front, squarer at toe. The ones pictured are a size 8/9. Have to say, uses up a lot more yarn than the women’s ones, and of course most men have BIGGER FEET as well, so will use up even more yarn per pair and will take longer in the making. Rob tried one of these on and said, ¬†“Wow, this is even comfier than a stokie” ¬†(I think you have to be South African to know what a stokie is, sorry.) but he didn’t comment on the look of them. ¬†Richard saw the photo and said, “Hmmm, for my demure side” – frankly I have no idea what he meant by that.

So, once again – Brad? James? Frank? Mary-Anne’s husband? Rugged and manly enough for you? Seriously, all comments appreciated and taken seriously.

Back soon x


I need a man

wait, that sounds wrong – I mean, I need a man’s opinion!
I’ve had two orders for slippers for men, so needed something with a squarer shape and more ‘masculine’ look. I decided to purchase another pattern from Tara Murray on etsy at Mamachee because her womens’ slipper pattern has been such a hit and I love it.

Here’s my version for the boys:
100_7288 100_7289

and I’d really like a man to comment on (a) the colour, (b) the shape, (c) the button strap, and (d) anything else? Maybe a man wouldn’t be keen to put anything crocheted on his big manly feet at all? (although the fact that I’ve already had orders suggests otherwise). I am still searching for a cotton or yarn equivalent to the chunky natural one I use, but in different colours. I have even asked a hand-dye company if they would dye for me but apparently it wouldn’t work well on very thick and already-twisted cotton. Using two strands of DK cotton doesn’t work either, it’s still too ‘floppy’ for slippers.

Anyone? Rob? Brad?

House slippers

I bought this pattern from Mamachee on Etsy the other day: Oma House Slippers, and am loving it.

I made a pair in thick cream cotton for Alison’s birthday, and this pair below in a sort of soft tubing in teal for Issy’s birthday yesterday, and the pair in Shetland Chunky in blue is for a friend who is flying back to her home in California today. I thought they would be perfect for wearing on a plane, when you need to be as comfy as possible.

I also wanted to make my own yarn from t-shirt fabric, which is what that blue stuff is above, with pictures of horses on it. I found the tutorial here: Polka Dot Pineapple. It felt like such a mission to make it and then to only end up with two small balls, but it’s obviously a very cost-effective material for slippers. And I plan to make a million more. Unfortunately that won’t be today – I have woken up with a very sore throat and ear and headache, so this is the sound of me shuffling back to my bed right now…pad pad pad.

To be continued…