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Storage solution

I am running out of space for all my craft stuff.  The lampshades and light fittings are a particular problem, and suddenly I had a lightbulb flash – why not string them across the ceiling of my bedroom!?

I grabbed the first long thing I could find in the spare room, which was a length of lacy knicker elastic that for some odd reason was included in a sack of buttons that I got from Kwaai Lappies.  I tied one end round the curtain rail and the other round a cuphook that I hammered into the wooden frame of my wardrobe. Result:

Yes, I know elastic stretches, I just didn’t realise how much. [Note to self: you can make a really huge pair of knickers with that stuff.]

Rob came round and packed up laughing. Then he replaced the lace with twine. Works very nicely now, thank you.

And this is only the beginning – other things may well end up being strung up there as well.  Frames, cushions, small items of furniture, cats….

Please feel free to use my idea in your own bedroom. (Just make sure it’s securely tied, you don’t want it collapsing on top of you while you’re sleeping.)

To be continued…