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Day #? at the Waterfront

I’ve lost track of time. Can’t believe I’ve been at the Red Shed for two weeks already, and only have another thirteen days left. The occasional ‘odd’ tourist has been just that – occasional; most people are just wonderful and complimentary and funny, wherever in the world they’re from. Just a couple of highlights:

* the gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous on more than one level) German businessman who gave me a hefty tip when he returned to collect a pair of house slippers for his wife in her favourite colour (which I didn’t have on the stand and so made them overnight). Vielen dank, Herr Hunk, next time I make you a pair for your own feet, ja?!

* the lady from Somerset West (in Cape Town) who was walking past with her husband on their way to a movie; she fell in love with my crocheted stool and wasn’t prepared to leave without it.
Husband: But, Susan, we’re going to the movies now, we can collect it afterwards.
Wife: No, Nigel, it’ll be too late.
Me: We’re open til 9 and I’ll put a sold sticker on it.
Wife: Nigel, just give me the car keys, I’ll go and put it in the boot.
Husband: Susan, that’s ridiculous, the parking is miles away.
Wife: I don’t want to leave it.
Husband: What do you want me to do? I’m not taking it to the film with us.
Wife: I can’t risk forgetting it. Could you sms me at about 8.45, just in case?
Me: Sure, no problem. And I’ll put it behind this display case for now and then no-one else will see it in the meantime.
Wife: And with a sold sticker.
Me: Yes, ma’am, with as many as you like.


* the sweet young woman who didn’t know what a hedgehog was:
Woman: Ah, these hats are darling! Look at this penguin.
Friend: And this bear. Awesome!
Woman: Do you have one that fits a three-year old?
Me: The only one left in that size right now is the baby hedgehog, there’s been a bit of a run on the bigger hats today.
Woman: A baby what?
Me: Hedgehog.
Woman: [turns to friend] Is that like a …like a…raccoon?
Friend: No, it’s like a…like a….
Me: It’s a small prickly woodland-sort of animal, very cute, lots of spikes.
Woman: Like a porcupine?
Me: A little bit like a porcupine. But smaller and cuter.
Woman: Oh, okay! I’m sorry, I’m from the United States, there’re so many things we just don’t know about over there.

hedgehog hat baby hedge

Back soon x